Evaluating the Promise and Peril of Worldcoin


In today’s episode of The Metaverse Podcast, we host Jake Brukhman, Founder & CEO at CoinFund, one of the first Web3 funds (established in 2015) to champion leaders of the new internet.

We discuss their new $550M fund, its thesis and their recent investment into Worldcoin;

  • Exploring decentralized identity and why they believe its founders and their approach to ‘proof of personhood’ is how it could be solved at scale.
  • Jake addresses some key criticisms levelled at Worldcoin openly and frankly including; their use and storage of biometric data, degrees of current centralization, the possibility of state capture, their proposed pathway to decentralisation and why we should trust Sam Altman and his investors, including Coinfund, to get there.
  • We critique if Worldcoin is truly proposing UBI as a use case, what would actually need to happen for that to be realised at scale, or the possibility it’s a more cynical go-to-market strategy. We break down $WLD tokenomics, governance compared to industry standards and debate Sam’s commitment to Web3 principles, based on track record at Open AI.

Whether you’re a founder, investor, developer, or just have an interest in the future of the Open Metaverse, we invite you to hear from the people supporting its growth.

Outlier Ventures is the Open Metaverse accelerator, helping over 100 #Web3 startups a year. You can apply for startup funding here – https://ov.click/ytdsbcq122


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