Predicting the Long Term Value of NFTs; Cloud Streaming & the Metaverse

In case you haven’t come across non-fungible tokens already, here’s a short explainer: non-fungible tokens act as unique identifiers for digital items, allowing a creator to assign an unhackable string of data to a product, which is tradable via blockchain. This has multiple use-cases, but most importantly, we can now uniquely identify the owner of […]

Trends for 2021 in Web 3 funding

2020 was a very good year for crypto despite the world events. Markets are booming again, fundraising is following with a lag. Continuing the tradition…

DIA: From stealth to a $15m raise in 7 months

DIA joined our Base Camp accelerator program (open now) in September 2019. By the end of the program in December he had already secured a solid SaaS revenue stream pipeline, multiple advisors, public funding and already started thinking about taking the product to the next level in the way we see it today 9 months […]