Decentralized Data Exchanges Give Value To Data In Smart Cities

These marketplaces are made possible because of the technologies lower in stack from hardware, distribution, routing, verification, and interfacing. To learn more about the Convergence Stack, a valuable framework for understanding and building the next phase of digital infrastructure in cities, download the paper here. Decentralised Data Marketplaces Without a free flow of data, there […]

Discovery Phase: Defining your Network Requirements

The first phase of token creation should start with an understanding of the ecosystem itself. In the Discovery Phase, we propose a process for token teams to formulate and align on the problem they are actually trying to solve. The fundamental question of “Why a token?” seems like a simple one, but getting internal alignment on the answer is harder then it seems. The discovery phase is all about determining and aligning on the particular characteristics of your business model, and defining the requirements for your token design.

The Token Ecosystem Creation report

Today we launch our new report on the concept and practice of developing effective tokenized crypto-assets. This is driven by our strong belief in the potential power of decentralised systems to provide a new and important evolution in how our economy and society can be organised, but in order to achieve this, effective ecosystems must be created that align the incentives of all the participants in a new model economy.