Blitzscaling ZIP: Introducing ZIPdao

As a community, ZIP is open and inclusive by default. It does not discriminate. In order to effectively align and coordinate a rapidly growing community around our shared goal, we believe a DAO with simple, but well designed, governance is critical. Therefore we are excited to announce the soft launch of ZIPdao.

Z!P: A stable crypto commodity

We believe one of the most important barriers to meaningful adoption of the emergent Web 3 Stack is the volatility of tokens: both gas and token price as a commodity. The solution is something we call FUEL.

Market outlook: insights for seed stage founders

This short briefing note is prepared for founders who are considering, or are in the process of raising seed capital. The last few weeks have seen a significant shift in terms of the fundraising atmosphere, and investors’ appetite for risk.

Trust people, not companies

So, as people come to trust institutions less and peers more; the pitch could be: trust people, not Big Tech. Or trust people, not companies. Blockchains are a part of a much bigger social movement, the changing nature of trust.