Non Fungible Labs (Fluf)

Non Fungible Labs (Fluf) Non Fungible Labs is a venture studio developing a wide range of real-world applications for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) 📍New Zealand Description: The Futureverse Foundation is a not-for-profit charity committed to improving the digital and physical worlds through the support of diverse artists and creative communities. The Futureverse Foundation will make grants […]


ModaDAO Unleash the Power of Music 📍Australia  Outlier Ventures Base Camp Description: is a cutting-edge platform that combines the worlds of fashion and blockchain technology, offering a new era of transparency, sustainability, and creativity to the fashion industry. With a mission to revolutionize the way we produce, consume, and appreciate fashion, empowers fashion […]


Immersve Metaverse Mastercard that enables you to spend your crypto anywhere Mastercard is accepted 📍New Zealand  Ascent Advisory Description: Immersve is a principal member of the Mastercard® network. Its issuing-as-a-service platform supports both centralized and decentralized payment experiences. Exchanges and dApps (such as web3 wallets and DeFi protocols) can easily integrate with Immersve’s APIs and […]


GBC.AI Leading blockchains towards intelligence 📍Australia  Polkadot Base Camp Description: GBC.AI, the esteemed Guardians of Blockchain, specialize in securing and scaling blockchains and DLT networks. Their expertise spans domains like DeFi, commerce, social networking, banking, supply chain, healthcare, insurance, gaming, and DAOs. They develop AI Security tools, including the groundbreaking “Wallet Guardian” for cryptocurrency investors. […]

Altered State Machine

Altered State Machine Altered State Machine is a new protocol for non fungible intelligence. 📍New Zealand Description: Our protocol offers a decentralized and transparent environment where non-fungible intelligence can be identified, authenticated, and interacted with. This opens up a world of possibilities for applications across industries, including robotics, virtual assistants, autonomous systems, and more. By […]