NFT or fungible token: which is right for me?

Web3-native teams often ask themselves whether they should issue an NFT or a fungible token. We’ve written this to guide you through the pros and cons of each and everything in between.

Does your product need a token?

Many founders adopting Web3 technologies wonder whether a token is right for them. So we’ve written a quick explainer to help guide you through.

Maturity for a successful next Web3 cycle:
A case for Token Engineering

Demand for a Sustainable Future The recent widely discussed crypto crash revealed particularly weak business and token designs in Web3. Instead of naming the individual failed projects and analyzing their individual case, this article focuses on the necessities for Web3 token economies to mature for the next adoption cycle. Better user experiences and lower technical barriers to […]

veGood, veBad, and veUgly

DeFi is run by narratives. One of the biggest narratives of the last year has been the ‘ve’ (“vote-escrow”) token model. The first of a series, this article provides an overview of the ‘ve’ token model before outlining some of its problems and constraints, and finally providing some pointers towards an improved model.

Why we invested in Koii

Decentralization, as a concept and ideal, goes beyond blockchain protocols and tokens that run on smart contracts. One network that is expanding the definition of what the Open Metaverse can be is Koii, a decentralized storage platform that envisions itself as “Web3, for everyone.” Rather than paying dividends to miners and node-runners, as many blockchain […]

How to leverage NFTs
to make a living as an artist

Web3 is driving a new creator economy, and returning economic value to those who make it. In this piece, Program Manager Elliot Leimer discusses the role that NFTs can play in helping artists make a living from their work

Token design and data storage meet IPFS

First to introduce the P2P concept was Napster: a central service that connected people who had specific music files with others seeking said specific files. However, Napster was held liable for copyright infringement, and was shut down soon after.  Inspired by the vision and adequately informed about the censorship liability of centralization, distributed protocols such […]

This Time It Is Not a Crypto Winter

Firstly, what is a Technology Winter? A winter, in the context of a technology cycle, was first used in reference to the AI community back in 1984 in a public debate as ‘a chain reaction that began with pessimism in its technology community, followed by pessimism in the press, a severe cutback in funding, followed […]

Why we invested in Fluf World

  The Background   On August 7th FLUF World sold out all 10,000 of their programmatically generated, unique, animated NFTs priced at Ξ0.09 in just 40 minutes of opening the sale, with a secondary market now estimated at over $40m USD, with a Floor FLUF typically fetching more than $1,800.  Over the preceding months, I […]

Outlier Ventures reveals its top blockchain predictions for 2020

Over 11 years since the creation of Bitcoin, 2020 will be the year we follow the S-Curve of technology diffusion out of the period of Installation and into Deployment, where we see ‘synergy’ and ‘consolidation’ of the technology begin to take effect. Blockchain will finally grow up, with institutional money trickling into the market based […]

Killing Crypto: Outlier Ventures’ 2019 Predictions

This time last year we predicted there needed to be a crypto winter, something we hoped to happen sooner rather than later. As painful as it has been for everyone we believe it was the medicine the industry needed to professionalise. There was too much hype with too little value in the public market, something we had been talking about since early 2017.

Outlier Ventures becomes lead investor in Botanic Technologies and SEED Token

Botanic’s patented technology allows SEED Token to underpin open source AI future London (6 November 2017) — Leading blockchain and Web 3.0 venture capital firm Outlier Ventures becomes lead investor in, and strategic partner of, Botanic Technologies Inc., a leading multimodal bot development company based in San Francisco, California. Botanic Technologies is comprised of a team […]

Why We’re Investing in… Evernym & The Sovrin Foundation

If you have spoken to me recently you will know myself and the Outlier team are really very excited to have announced at the beginning of the month becoming Evernym’s, and the Sovrin Foundation and it’s token’s, lead investor and strategic partner. As with every investment we wanted to find some time to provide the […]

Outlier Ventures backs Evernym to bring the world true self-sovereign identity

Outlier Ventures takes on the role of Evernym’s lead investor and strategic partner London (3 October 2017) — Leading blockchain and Web 3.0 venture capital firm Outlier Ventures becomes an investor in, and strategic partner of, Evernym the foremost developer of self sovereign identity technologies and inventor of Sovrin, the global public utility for decentralised […]

Community Token Economies

This white paper is a review of the current state of the ICO (initial coin offering) phenomena that has emerged since 2013, and has now gone mainstream in the early part of 2017. It discusses its benefits as an innovation, primarily to better enable open source communities to self-finance and realise new decentralised digital economies […]