Outlier Ventures Reveals the Nine Teams in the Bitcoin Base Camp Cohort with Plassa Capital and IOV Labs


  • The Bitcoin Base Camp is a Web3 accelerator program run by Outlier Ventures and backed by Plassa Capital and IOV Labs, supporting early stage Web3 founders. 
  • The Bitcoin Base Camp selected nine startups looking to build applications, products, and protocols that build on the Bitcoin network. 
  • The remote 12-week accelerator program includes workshops with subject matter experts from Outlier Ventures, mentorship from industry experts, and support from Plassa Capital and IOV Labs for participating teams.

Today Outlier Ventures together with Plassa Capital, an early-stage investment firm across the global crypto ecosystem and, IOV Labs, core contributors to Rootstock, are pleased to announce the selected nine teams taking part in the Bitcoin Base Camp accelerator program.

The selected teams were chosen from applications globally and consist of leading early-stage startups focused on accelerating the crypto ecosystem through building on the Bitcoin network, the largest decentralized blockchain making up 50% of overall digital assets. Their mission is to optimize innovations in composability, functionality and scalability on the network. 

Alongside Outlier Ventures, the teams will receive support from Plassa Capital, a leading venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments across the global crypto ecosystem and IOV labs, one of the core contributors to Rootstock, the first and most secure Bitcoin sidechain. 

Secured by over 60% of the total hash power of Bitcoin, Rootstock is a Turing-complete smart contract platform that enables developers to build products and services on top of Bitcoin, widely considered the world’s most secure and decentralized financial infrastructure. Launched in 2018, Rootstock brings Ethereum’s programmability to Bitcoin while making transactions cheaper, faster, and more scalable. 

The Bitcoin Base Camp carefully selected nine startups focused on bringing utility and activating users on the Bitcoin network and unlocking one of the largest untapped opportunities in Web3. Outlier Ventures, Plassa Capital and IOV Labs are pleased to present the nine teams taking part of the program: Deeplake, Joltz, Sati, Ordinox, Takenos, Sailing Protocol, Loka Mining, SimpleFi, and Bloom.

Throughout the duration of the program, Outlier Ventures, Plassa Capital and IOV Labs will provide bespoke and tailored support to each startups’ needs, across multiple verticals including DeFi solutions on Bitcoin, Middleware & UX/UI for emerging dApps, asset issuance capabilities on Bitcoin and solutions connected to Bitcoin’s unique Proof-of-Work consensus. 

Jean-Philippe Jabre, Founder at Plassa Capital, said: “We’re excited to support entrepreneurs who are driving innovation in the Bitcoin ecosystem alongside Outlier Ventures for the Bitcoin Base Camp accelerator. Bitcoin has proven its resiliency as a decentralized and secure network since launch. While Bitcoin accounts for over half of all cryptocurrency market capitalization, it has seen major advancements in scalability and utility over the past few years. We believe that now is the right moment to back strong teams building innovative projects to support this growth.”

Daniel Fogg, CEO at IOV Labs, said: “As pioneers of the building on Bitcoin movement, we’re thrilled to partner with Outlier Ventures and Plassa Capital for the Bitcoin Base Camp Accelerator Program. The entire team is excited to support this first cohort as they harness the power of Rootstock to build the businesses of the future on Bitcoin.”

Francesca Conti, Outlier Ventures’ Bitcoin Base Camp Program Manager, said:

“We are really excited to reveal the nine startups taking part in our first Bitcoin Basecamp accelerator program, geared specifically towards leveraging Bitcoin-based technologies. As a premier thought leader in the Web3 space, Outlier Ventures’ forward-thinking approach and business prowess creates ideal alignment for fostering a programme that capitalizes on Bitcoin’s recent technical advancements. With the support from our partners at Plassa Capital and IOV Labs, we are delighted to help guide these promising teams as they continue their innovation across the respective fields of DeFi, Infrastructure, Asset Issuance and Energy/Mining.”

For more information, please visit: https://outlierventures.io/base-camp/bitcoin-base-camp/

Meet the cohort

Deep Lake (Morocco) 

Bitcoin API utilizing Taproot, DLCs, PSBTs, and other Bitcoin primitives for any Bitcoin use case.

Deep Lake is building APIs inside of L1 mainnet Bitcoin to allow for building financial apps directly into the L1 mainnet Bitcoin (Bitcoin collateralization, ordinals/brc20/other Bitcoin assets lending, brc20 vesting, etc…); Allowing L2s and sidechains to settle their activity to L1 and providing an agnostic attestation layer + an Oracle to these apps and L2s. Deep Lake is in the process of onboarding new partners (nodes) to participate in the decentralization of their Oracle.

Joltz (USA)

Enabling companies to attract, engage, and retain users with next-gen bitcoin rewards

Joltz offers an easy-to-use SaaS platform for businesses to incorporate bitcoin rewards into their apps, websites, and even physical stores. With our wide range of integrations, API, and Taproot Assets toolkit, any business can create amazing new reward experiences. Companies can incentivize their users with bitcoin, loyalty collectibles/badges, or branded loyalty tokens for signing up, making a purchase, referring a friend, leaving a review, and more. Web3 loyalty built on the rock solid foundation that is Bitcoin with instant reward redemptions powered by the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Sati (Mexico)

Empowering nations in need by providing lightning-fast cross-border payments and stable coin transactions through the convenience of WhatsApp.

Sati is revolutionizing financial inclusion, starting in Latin America, by simplifying access to digital currencies. Utilizing our innovative WhatsApp-based platform, users can effortlessly purchase, send, and receive stable coins and Bitcoin with unprecedented speed, making cross-border transactions more affordable and efficient than ever before, just like sending a WhatsApp!

Ordinox (India) 

A native cross-chain swap between ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin Inscriptions / Runes based tokens.

Ordinox is a native cross-chain swapping infrastructure focused on bringing EVM’s DeFi liquidity to Ordinal Inscription-based tokens like BRC20, as well as Runes-based tokens. The core infrastructure enables token holders to earn native yield while facilitating a direct, non-custodial swap between ERC20 tokens and tokens on Bitcoin, without wrapping or tunneling. 

Takenos (Argentina)

Takenos fintech app for the 10M LATAM global workers 

Takenos is a fintech platform that provides access to financial services for freelancers in LATAM in web2/3 hybrid technologies. In just under 2 years, over +10k+ freelancers, contractors and creators, mainly digital and global workers have used Takenos to access the global financial system transacting over $10m

Sailing Protocol (USA)

Global and composable stocks via tokenization, making US-based investments accessible in underdeveloped economies.

Sailing is the first company to address major limitations of the US Stock Market, with instant international settlement, atomic reconciliation, 24/7 access, and semi-permissionless composability. These are possible thanks to Sailing’s Wallet Identity and Equity Pegs technologies. The Sailing Protocol brings stocks on-chain. As well as consumers, developers are able to use their platform to include these tokens in their dApps.

Loka Mining (Indonesia)

Loka enables investors to access Bitcoin at lower than market price by purchasing contracts of future mining rewards directly from miners

Loka is developing a decentralized Bitcoin mining pool and a P2P protocol that connects Bitcoin miners, liquidity providers, and investors in a trustless and non-custodial manner. Investors gain access to Bitcoin at a price lower than the market by purchasing contracts for future mining rewards, while Bitcoin miners receive early returns on their investments and hedge against the risk of price volatility. Each contract is tokenized and fully collateralized on-chain at a 1:1 value with BTC, enabling immediate liquidity in the secondary market and eliminating any centralized party risk.

SimpleFi (Argentina)

SimpleFi is a user-friendly crypto payment interface for merchants and users in LatAm to transact at low fees. 

SimpleFi makes paying with cryptocurrency easy and useful. We do this by building bespoke checkout experiences that are optimized and customized for each merchant, unlocking a new customer base at low fees.

Bloom (UK)

Bloom is a secure wallet hub for trading tokens and NFTs, discovering new dApps, and optimising your DeFi investments.

Bloom brings clarity to the chaos of crypto – a beautifully designed Web3 wallet hub that replaces the cumbersome Chrome extension. Positioned for the next wave of users, our intuitive platform blends token and NFT trading, socially-driven dApp discovery and DeFi portfolio optimisation, offering a secure, all-in-one environment tailored to your individual journey in Web3.

Congratulations to all the teams on joining our latest cohort! To be the first to hear about their exciting achievements, sign up to our newsletter at outlierventures.io/signup.

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