18 Predictions for 2020

Over 11 years since the creation of Bitcoin, 2020 will be the year we follow the S-Curve of technology diffusion out of the period of Installation and into Deployment, where we see ‘synergy’ and ‘consolidation’ of the technology begin to take effect. Blockchain will finally grow up, with institutional money trickling into the market based on fundamentals – real traction and usage.

The Convergence Alliance Launch

The launch of The Convergence Alliance brought together the leaders building the next phase of the Web from open source protocols, enterprise, start-ups, government bodies, and academia.

Are We In A Crypto Winter? Back To The Future II

So on 12th Jan (2018) I wrote a post saying there needed to be a ‘Crypto Winter’: a sustained minimum 50% haircut on the market. I actually wanted to say 75% but compromised with the team to not sound too alarmist. Next time I won’t be so restrained 😉