Wear NFT

Wear NFT Weaver labs unleashes the potential of networks and harness their power to cultivate an agile ecosystem of suppliers and users, fostering seamless connectivity 📍Hong Kong  FARFETCH Dream Assembly Base Camp Description: Weaver Labs is an innovative technology company at the forefront of the decentralized finance (DeFi) revolution. With a mission to democratize financial […]


Vorlds At Vorlds, our mission is to propel immersive 3D experiences to the forefront of social interactions 📍India  Polkadot Base Camp Description: Pioneering Immersive 3D Experiences for the Next Era of Social Interactions At Vorlds, our mission is to propel immersive 3D experiences to the forefront of social interactions. We are dedicated to building a […]


Truffles Web3 infrastructure for the future of enterprise 📍Singapore  Zero Knowledge Base Camp Description: Truffles is an international payments platform that helps businesses of all sizes connect and transact globally. Hassle-free accounting and compliance integrations make it easier to scale your business. Find this project at: Twitter Linkedin truffles.one Founder information: Evan Winter Founder CONNECT […]

The Eden

The Eden The Eden is a decentralized live streaming platform empowering web 3 projects with privacy-focused features, token incentives, and community ownership 📍China  Filecoin Base Camp Find this project at: Twitter theeden.tv Founder information: Founder CONNECT NOW Twitter Fuel the future of your startup with Outlier Ventures Apply now for one of our accelerator programs […]

The digital dogs company

The Digital Dogs The digital dogs company Cross-app, AI Digital Dogs NFTs for immersive realities, including metaverses, VR, AR, social games, and more. Your trusted companion across virtual worlds! 📍Israel  Polygon Base Camp Description: Cross-App, Persistent-State AI Digital Pets platform for virtual environments, VR worlds, social apps, games and more. The ideal #NFTs companion for […]


Synthr Omnichain Synthetics – Slippage Free, Unchained Liquidity 📍India  DeFi Base Camp Description: Synthr is an innovative omnichain protocol that enables users to create and trade synthetic assets, known as syAssets. These are highly solvent, interoperable derivatives of various financial assets. The protocol leverages advanced oracle networks and cross-chain messaging protocols for efficient collateral management, […]