What to Expect from Web3 in 2023 – Part 1, with Outlier Ventures


In this special edition of The Metaverse Podcast, we speak with Outlier Ventures staff, with the mission to help fund and develop an open ecosystem that onboards one billion people to a more open and inclusive Metaverse.

Our host and CEO, Jamie Burke, is joined by a panel of experts including Umeir Zulkufli (Token Launch & Advisory team), Max Coniglio (Investment Team), Ryan Goodman (Fundraising Team), and Dino Kandiloros (Legal Team).

This episode is a must-listen for Web3 founders, investors, and anyone interested in the future of the space. You will:

• Hear experts’ opinions on the current state of the crypto market;
• Learn about the mistakes startups made in 2022 and how to successfully launch a token in these market conditions in 2023;
• Get a glimpse of the top trends in Web3 for 2023, such as AI, brand partnerships, and ZK;
• Find out the verticals that investors and VCs are interested in this year;
• Get an overview of the regulatory landscape of digital assets and what this means for startups.

:speaking_head_in_silhouette: Want to be a guest on The Metaverse Podcast? Get in touch with Laura Stancescu by emailing laura.stancescu@outlierventures.io!

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