The Futureverse is Here


In today’s episode of The Metaverse Podcast, we talk to Aaron McDonald, founder of Futureverse (and FLUF World), with the mission to build an Open Metaverse.

Aaron is joined by our host and CEO, Jamie Burke, discussing the inevitability of being in the ‘futureverse’ – no matter where you are. If you are a Web3 founder, tech founder, or simply curious about the Open Metaverse, this episode is for you. You will:

• Hear their opinions on the good and bad players in the industry;
• Learn what the Metaverse is;
• Learn about Aaron’s journey through Web3 and the FLUF World;
• Find out how Futureverse brings consumers into the space through storytelling;
• Get a wholistic view of the stacks making up Futureverse and their partnerships (including Ripple and FIFA);
• Get insights into scaling a Web3 company.

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