The Direct-to-Avatar Economy Opportunity, with Timmu Tõke of Ready Player Me


In today’s episode of The Metaverse Podcast, we talk to Timmu Tõke, co-founder and CEO at Ready Player Me, with the mission to build a more connected virtual world. Timmu is joined by our host and CEO, Jamie Burke, as they delve into Timmu’s founder journey and the success he’s achieved in the space. If you’re a Web3 founder, investor, or building towards an Open Metaverse, this episode is a great opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s top minds.

Tune in to:

  • Learn how to create exponential growth for decentralised products and services;
  • Explore the Direct-to-Avatar Economy opportunity;
  • Gain insights into building web3 products customers love.
  • Dive into staying open to Generative AI as a founder and aligning these new innovations

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