Meet our Base Camp 6 Cohort!



Our Base Camp program is dedicated to supporting early-stage startups in the space as we are native to it and deeply understand its principles, technologies, and business models. Our incredible ecosystem of partners and growing number of collaborative accelerator programs will establish us as the Y Combinator of the Open Metaverse over the next decade as we move to accelerate 100 startups a year. 

Base Camp 6, just one of 3 cohorts starting in Fall 2021, has been handpicked from over 200 applicants across North America, Europe and Asia, who represent the Open Metaverse OS thesis and are highly additive to its stack. Use cases and themes include; Decentralized Security, NFT powered Social Media, Identity, Personalized Avatars, Community-owned Live Events,  Skills & Training for the metaverse,  dCommerce, and Data Infrastructure.

We’re looking forward to working closely with these teams over the next few months to fast track their development and help launch them into the Open Metaverse.


The concert that never ends.  👉


The live music industry is broken. Creators and musicians are not central to the current business model. Profits sit with ticketing platforms and the engagement and economic value between the fans, the venue, and the musician ends when the performance does.


Chapel is building a Web 3 ecosystem that fundamentally flips the live music industry on its head by creating long term residual income for venues and artists through DeFi & NFTs. This creates the perfect opportunity to disrupt an industry in desperate need of revival, reinvention, and revitalization. 

Building the most accessible avatar creator in the metaverse 👉


NFTs are growing in demand and users are looking for unique ways to display and share their digital items. Avatar-as-a-service is available for celebrities, but there is no widely accessible self-service consumer platform yet. 


FilterYa is an avatar company paving the way for the future intersection of NFTs, Avatars, and Augmented Reality. They are building a web application that allows users to create an interoperable augmented reality avatar of themselves using a single selfie with the ability to purchase exclusive NFT wearables.

Metacareers – reimagine the future of learn to earn for next-gen talent 👉

The Problem:

The education to employment journey for Gen Z is systemically dysfunctional and broken. 71 million+ young people worldwide are facing an unprecedented perfect storm of increasing gaps in their skills for the future of work, the rapid loss of traditional entry level roles and the rise of automation. 


Hundo is building an EdTech marketplace called Hundo Campus, which will be the largest decentralized Learn to Earn community on earth. Welcoming employers, educators & brands while giving the future workforce their own platform and direct access to careers, skills, and employer-led learning. 

Decentralized security, incentivized for everyone. 👉 


Cybersecurity is a massive market with solutions continuing to leave customers confused and vulnerable. Centralized siloing of security data prevents companies from staying ahead of attacks while end-user apathy vetoes even the best laid security plans.


Interlock solves the cybersecurity problem by changing the paradigm with blockchain. They are creating an ecosystem of tools that incentivizes end-users to maintain good security and gives companies the data they need to stay safe, while giving data control back to individuals.

The world’s largest cryptowallet-to-identity database. 👉 


No company currently provides the capability to map cryptocurrency wallets to real human identities. This limits the progress of cryptocurrency adoption globally through KYC challenges and represents an unaddressed segment within the existing data broking and intelligence markets.


Januus is building the richest cryptowallet-to-identity database globally. They will provide access via an API with automated data acquisition, storage and querying to provide solutions for the privacy sector, threat intelligence, government agencies, enterprises and consumers alike. 

No. 1 creator marketplace in the metaverse. 👉 


The current creator economy is broken with 2% of creators making 98% of revenue. Creators and small businesses are lacking a platform for growth, collaboration, and monetization of their communities with solutions spread across tools that withhold data, are expensive and are not social.


#makelemonade. Lemonade Social is a one-stop platform to empower creators and small businesses to build, engage and monetise communities at scale by building their own lemonade stand, curating online and in-person events with integrated pop-up shops, NFT drops, social games etc. all while owning your own data.

Infrastructure for the collaborative data economy. 👉 


The data economy is new, but it is already broken. Users have no bargaining power and are increasingly opting out of sharing their data leading to a lack of innovation and insights. Data buyers lack access to relevant, quality and regulatory compliant data. 


Pool provides a platform and associated services to support Data Unions to develop, scale and monetize. Data Unions are based on members consenting to sharing their data and sharing in the wealth when data sets are purchased. Pool enables Data Unions to facilitate payments to members, scale membership, and market their data streams to enterprise buyers.


If you are building in Web 3 and might be interested in joining our next cohort you can pre-register your startup here for the next time when applications open.

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