The Metaverse Podcast

A new web is emerging that goes well beyond just Bitcoin, Ethereum, and money, but promises an entirely new computing paradigm, and data economy. The Metaverse Podcast is a series co-hosted by Outlier Ventures Founder & Chairman Jamie Burke and Partner & Board Member Rumi Morales, where they introduce you to the founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and the policymakers that are shaping Web3, the Open Metaverse, and the future of digital interaction.

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Dan Held shares his invaluable insights into why Bitcoin stands as the most crucial asset in the cryptocurrency space.

Dr. Matt Frew, Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Transformational Technology at University of the West of Scotland, joins our host Jamie Burke in exploring the metaverse, hyperreality, and the convergence of “DARQ technologies”.

Lawrence Lundy joins host Jamie to explore the frontier of cutting-edge technologies, including large language models, neuroscience, and decentralized networks.

Jamie is joined by two exceptional founders, both portfolio companies, to delve into the realm of Real World Assets (RWAs)

If you're a Web3 founder, community builder, or simply into DeFi, this episode on the Metaverse Podcast with Andrew Ciaccia, is a must-listen to understand Web3 strategies for security and community engagement

Vera Wu of Numbers Protocol, is joined by our host and founder, Jamie Burke on the Metaverse Podcast, discussing the future of digital media provenance and blockchain integration.