The Open Metaverse under Attack: The Fight Back, with Jamie Burke of Outlier Ventures

In today’s episode of The Metaverse Podcast, we’re serving up the alpha of Web3 for our listeners. This is the audio version of our freshly released thesis, recorded by our host and CEO, Jamie Burke. The thesis charts the major threats facing The Open Metaverse including regulation and centralization, whilst also highlighting the tremendous opportunities […]

So what is the Open Metaverse?

Despite the hype around the Metaverse, few people fully understand its potential. Dive into the technological, economic, and social system that is fundamentally changing the web.

The very many states of play: part 2

The first piece of the series explored the standards of various states of play, including traditional gaming and play to earn. This piece takes these concepts further, exploring the financial models behind gaming and the space’s experimental side.

DeFi for the Metaverse, the Audiobook with Jamie Burke

We believe the next phase of growth in the evolution of DeFi will come not from better integration into the existing financial system, more regulation or real-world assets and CeFi, but instead, by unlocking digital value already native to the Metaverse. For today’s SPECIAL EPISODE, we bring you our very own Jamie Burke with the […]

Metaverse Hiring, with Esther O’Callaghan of Hundo

Today on The Metaverse Podcast, we talk to Esther O’Callaghan, founder of, a progressive jobs platform designed to connect forward-thinking employers with Gen Z talent, with the intention of ending youth unemployment, due to a broken recruitment industry model. Esther and Jamie Burke discuss being a female founder, growing up in Blackpool, the breakdown […]

What is dCommerce

What is Decentralized commerce? And how can it transform how people buy and sell goods.