Why we invested in Metropolis World: the metaverse city of the future

The market has made it difficult for many Web3 projects to get off the ground. However, since coming out of stealth in July, Metropolis have managed to sell out two NFT drops in a matter of hours, both of which topped Open Sea. They are the first city to be covered by Time Out and […]

The very many states of play: part 2

The first piece of the series explored the standards of various states of play, including traditional gaming and play to earn. This piece takes these concepts further, exploring the financial models behind gaming and the space’s experimental side.

Why we invested in Koii

Decentralization, as a concept and ideal, goes beyond blockchain protocols and tokens that run on smart contracts. One network that is expanding the definition of what the Open Metaverse can be is Koii, a decentralized storage platform that envisions itself as “Web3, for everyone.” Rather than paying dividends to miners and node-runners, as many blockchain […]

Why we invested in Functionland

From AI to Web3 Co-Founder and CEO of Functionland Keyvan Sadeghi, after studying Artificial Intelligence, took a job in GAI (General Artificial Intelligence) in Hong Kong where he was introduced to the world of open-source. He became enamored with the ability to collaborate and share in this manner, developing a passion that naturally led him […]