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NFT’s and tokens

Tokens are what keep the Web3 ecosystem turning, and we are lucky enough to have some of the leading token designers at your disposal. There are many ways to structure and explore the potentials of Tokens, and here we will bring you our first principle thinking on how to navigate this exciting and growing field.

The NFT industry has rapidly matured due to a confluence of adverse macro conditions and a lack of catalysts for innovation. The question that arises now is: what's the next step?

The first of a two-part series: his article provides an overview on the current market situation of the underlying native ERC-20 protocol tokens.

Generative AI is evolving at such a rapid pace; a pace that is only accelerating and is more rapid than our human …

Listen for a discussion around tokenization of physical items and what dcommerce means for both big brands and small retailers/creators.

As Web3 gains popularity, how will new “crypto-conduits” make blockchain more accessible?

A well-designed token needs to provide value through the right incentives to all stakeholders, meaningful integration into the product or protocol, and be effectively distributed.

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