Why we are collaborating with Filecoin


[Applications for Filecoin Base Camp are now open – click here for more information and to apply.]

Colin Evran, Ecosystem Lead at Protocol Labs, explains the context in which Filecoin operates:

“Filecoin is a movement to create a decentralised, efficient and robust foundation for humanity’s information. The world of cloud storage is suffering from major problems like centralization, where three companies control the vast majority of cloud storage data control and where users are no longer in control of the data that they store.”

“Over the next four years, the amount of data that gets produced globally will treble to about 175ZB (zettabytes) and we’re currently only able to store about 5% of that total data today, with current infrastructure”

“Filecoin and IPFS, they have the right primitives to address those issues but the game will be won or lost based on the applications and businesses that build on those protocols. The next generation of billion dollar companies will emerge from these developers and entrepreneurs that are building on the Web 3.0 stack. That’s why programs like the Filecoin Base Camp and mentors, like Outlier Ventures are so critical to the future of the web.”

In addition to the objectives of Protocol Labs aligning perfectly with the framework laid down in the Open Metaverse OS, data has a huge role to play in all startups we speak to as a part of our Base Camp and Ascent recruitment. Jamie Burke, Outlier Ventures CEO explains:

“The thing that really excited us about collaborating on the Filecoin Base Camp, is that it’s so universally applicable. Almost every use case application on the planet, we believe, will be using this kind of technology. Especially in the context of a Web 3.0 startup, where everyone should be looking at how you handle the storage of data. But I also know at the same time that there are some use cases, they’re really building up traction within the developer community, a proof of concept stage, but then also, you know, with businesses at scale. For example, I know the NFT industry, which has obviously been very hot in 2021, has been a very early adopter and uses IPFS for content addressing and Filecoin for storage”.

As we begin our collaboration it is clear that we’re only just starting to see some of the ideas emerge that will shape the future of businesses built on these ecosystems. It’s impossible to say what the most creative use cases will be in the years to come, but the journey has definitely started and we are eager to meet the teams who will shape that future. 

Filecoin Base Camp

Applications are now open for Filecoin Base Camp. For more information, to speak to our team during office hours to apply, click here.

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