Applications for our Filecoin Base Camp accelerator program are now open

Empowering innovators developing a decentralised web.

Program Summary

> Starting on

   January 2023

> Applications close

   10 January 2023

> Duration

   3 Months

> Where

   Fully remote

> Number of teams accepted

   Few places remaining

> Investment

   Up to $300k

In partnership with

Our vision for Filecoin in the next 12 months

Strong Data Foundation: Humanity needs a decentralized, efficient and robust foundation on which to build the next generation of applications and store their information. Filecoin is at the forefront of representing that data storage foundation layer.

An ecosystem kicking off now: With the introduction of Filecoin Virtual Machine and enablement of compute-over-data now is when the ecosystem can really flourish and let new builders build and interact with the core layer of Filecoin.

Infrastructure companies are enablers: We believe that investing in founders that are building key infrastructural elements that serve as backbone of web3 will drastically accelerate other developers building the application layer and therefore end users adoption

Outlier Ventures brings its unparalleled deep knowledge and network to support startups to design, build and launch industry defining Web3 solutions

Jamie Burke

CEO, Outlier Ventures

What projects are we looking for

Content specific infrastructure

  • Tooling to leverage usage of static content such as pictures, documents, NFTS
  • Tooling to leverage usage of video content such as streaming & CDN
  • Tooling to leverage usage of real time content such as gaming, Metaverse and live streaming
  • Tooling for the new decentralized web

FVM use cases

  • Data DAO’s
  • L2 improving performance of IPFS/Filecoin
  • Web3 infrastructure – compute over data

Open Data Economy

  • Tooling for Data Science and DeSci
  • Archive & preservation of digital commons
  • Data for social goods

What do startups get out of the program?

Week 1-2

Meet with our mentors who will help you refine your pitch, vision and direction and will provide feedback on product development, market fit and go-to-market.

Week 3-6

Building your knowledge via OV expert workshops across legal, token design, product roadmap, community building, tokenomics, fundraising + more.

Week 7-12

Supporting on your strategy execution, fundraising strategy alignment and investor pitch deck refinement.

Date TBC

End of program opportunity to showcase your solution and pitch in front of the OV investor network.

What we offer

In return for

Our 400+ mentor network

Justin Banon

Co-founder, Boson Protocol

Jamie Burke

CEO, Outlier Ventures

Martin Avertisyan

CGO, Farfetch

We have accelerated 180+ teams across 21 cohorts

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Funding in exchange for 6% of your company and 6% of future token supply
  • 3 month fully remote accelerator program
  • Access to in house specialist operational, legal, commercial, and co-marketing support
  • Token engineering support and business model testing to pinpoint product-market fit
  • An optional $30,000 interest-free repayable loan to help with initial legal costs
  • An active global mentor, partner and investor network featuring over 400+ mentors and 180+ alumni companies in Web3

Any Base Camp program is designed to nurture teams whose business potential best leverages the program’s protocol and design strengths and also aligns with Outlier Ventures’ Metaverse OS Thesis. Cohorts are generally selected through the lens of growing the protocol ecosystem across various layers such as: NFTs & Gaming, DeFi, Infrastructure, Services, and Middleware.

Participating startups will gain exposure to both Outlier Ventures’ and the protocol’s ecosystems, offering an unparalleled opportunity for founders to scale their technology and grow their business.

The Base Camp Accelerator is currently planned to be a fully remote and virtual program. There may be the opportunity for in-person summits in London or other European locations once the pandemic situation improves. We have so far invested in companies from Australia, Brazil, USA, Canada, Philippines, Nigeria, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, UK, Switzerland.

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