”The best time to start a crypto company is during the bear market”, with Charlie Shrem


In this episode of The Metaverse Podcast, we’re delighted to welcome Charlie Shrem, a renowned Bitcoin advocate and founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Charlie is an official mentor of our upcoming Bitcoin Base Camp and will support teams within the accelerator program.

Tune in to:
• Learn more about Charlie’s background as an early Bitcoin entrepreneur and his role in founding the Bitcoin Foundation.
• Dive into the early days of the Bitcoin community and ecosystem in 2011-2012 and compare it to today.
• Find out more about the new venture capital fund, Druid Ventures, and their investment thesis.
• Explore the current state of the Bitcoin and crypto industries and regulations in the US versus Europe.
• Get some valuable advice for founders on navigating the Bitcoin ecosystem and community.
• Explore opportunities for innovation across the Bitcoin stack from core development to middleware to applications.
• Gain optimism for the future of Bitcoin and crypto going into 2024.


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