Outlier Ventures and Store Nº8 announce the first cohort for the Store Nº8 dCommerce Base Camp Accelerator Program 


  • The Store Nº8 dCommerce Base Camp accelerator selected five startups from hundreds of applicants focused on building decentralized solutions to improve the global retail and commerce experience for consumers, brands and creators. 
  • The remote 12-week accelerator covers business building across product roadmap, community strategy, token design and economics, fundraising and more.  
  • The chosen teams will have hands-on mentorship from industry leaders KPMG US and Synergis Capital to help prepare for commercial and future fundraising success. 

Global, Tuesday 24th October, 2023 – Outlier Ventures, the leading global Web3 accelerator, and Store Nº8, Walmart Inc.’s incubation arm, announced the first cohort of the Store Nº8 dCommerce Base Camp accelerator program today. The five companies taking part in the carefully selected 12-week virtual program are focused on building in Web3 to deliver decentralized solutions that improve the global retail and commerce experience for consumers. These companies specialise in payment experiences, improving data and analytics capability, and enabling Web3 native methods to build and retain a user base.  

Supported by venture partner Synergis Capital, who is providing $200,000 in investment to each team, and enterprise advisor KPMG U.S, Store Nº8 and Outlier Ventures are pleased to announce the five teams taking part in the program: HypeLab, Reveel, Tide Protocol, Tokenguard and Unblock

“We are thrilled to announce the cohort for our inaugural Store Nº8 dCommerce Base Camp accelerator program along with our fantastic partners,” said Benjamin Meyer, Chief Product Officer at Outlier Ventures. “The five teams taking part in our cohort are really building solutions in Web3 to help create a more efficient, equitable and improved experience for retailers and consumers and we are looking forward to seeing their progress throughout the duration of the program. With Store Nº8, as Walmart’s incubation arm, there really is no business globally better placed to help the teams understand the future of commerce and innovation.”

“At Walmart, we see the growth and expansion of increasingly immersive virtual worlds as not only a chance to develop new ways to meet and engage with our customers, but also an opportunity to experiment with a new type of commerce,” said Thomas Kang, VP & General Manager, Metaverse Commerce, Store Nº8. “We’re excited to work with, learn from, and support the five start-ups who were selected as part of our first Base Camp as we continue to explore the potential of commerce in the metaverse.” 

The chosen teams will receive support from Outlier Ventures’ and Store Nº8’s in-house team of experts in areas like building and refining their product roadmap, community building, token economy and launches, fundraising and pitching. The start-ups will also have direct access and support from a network of best-in-class mentors across e-commerce and retail, marketing, media, Web3, gaming and venture capital. 

In addition to this, KPMG U.S. and Synergis are bringing their experience to support teams with bespoke guidance tailored to each team’s journey. The startups will benefit from their hands-on mentorship to help prepare them for commercial success through the real-world experience of working with large companies and other startups in their network. 

“At KPMG, we’re always looking for the next big idea, and working with Store Nº8 dCommerce Base Camp opens a door to a new network of ideas and innovators,” said Andrew Matuszak, Ventures Lead, KPMG U.S.  “We’re looking forward to mentoring the startups selected for this lucrative program so they can use this program as a launchpad for future growth.”

Jerry Shi, Founder & CEO at Synergis Capital, said: ‘We are eager to work with the teams in this cohort on building the future of commerce on blockchain rails. We believe that close partnership with established enterprise will be pivotal in growing adoption and finding true value add for the industry.”

For more information about the Store Nº8 dCommerce Base Camp accelerator program, please visit: https://outlierventures.io/base-camp/storeno8/

Meet the first cohort: 

HypeLab (USA)HypeLab makes advertising simple. Our web3 advertising network helps you grow your business and your user base. 

HypeLab is the fastest-growing Web3 ad network. We work with advertisers to help acquire web3 users and with publishers to help them monetize their platforms.

Reveel (USA)Reveel is the payout infrastructure for the collaboration economy.

Reveel provides programmable payment infrastructure for the collaboration economy. Reveel’s product suite enables automated payout flows and frictionless transactions between parties.

Tide Protocol (Italy)Tide is the one-stop platform to effectively market your web3 project.

Tide represents the next-generation Web3 marketing suite, designed to empower businesses in acquiring and retaining customers through on-chain campaigns and advanced analytics.

Tokenguard (Poland)Sparking Web3 growth with on-chain insights.

Over 20,000 active Web3 projects can’t access data of over 400 million crypto users in their networks. Tokenguard is an easy-to-use tool that allows Web3 creators track, analyse and understand their users. We take away the guesswork and translate complex Web3 world, allowing creators to build winning marketing strategies and implement features that sell.

Unblock (UK)Our API infrastructure enables Business payments in the Web3 economy.

Unblock is on a mission to revolutionize the way people interact with and adopt Web3 apps and digital assets. Our game-changing Portal allows for seamless movement between your fiat bank account and on-chain wallet. Using a virtual account in your name we provide near-zero failure rate, transfer speeds of under 20 seconds and transaction fees starting at 0.5%. Our platform, including many more features, is available for businesses, individuals and other apps via a white-label API.

About Store No. 8

Store N°8 is the incubation arm of Walmart and a core component of Walmart’s overall innovation strategy. Store N°8’s mission is to shape the future of commerce and help Walmart leapfrog where customers and the industry will go. For more information, visit: https://www.storeno8.com/ 

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