AI in a Multi-Chain DAO World, with Carlos Gonzalez Juarez of Aragon DAO


In today’s episode of The Metaverse Podcast, we host Carlos Gonzalez Juarez of Aragon DAO, a company committed to building flexible and secure tools for creating, managing, and scaling DAOs.

Carlos joins our host and CEO, Jamie Burke, in a deep dive of decentralized autonomous organizations and the intersection of artificial intelligence in this landscape. If you’re a Web3 founder, building a DAO, or experimenting with governance, be sure to tune in to:

  • Gain insights into the emerging reality of a multi-chain world and the ongoing developments surrounding interoperability and bridges.
  • Explore the importance of Ethereum’s layers in the context of centralization and security.
  • Delve into the current complexities facing DAOs, where assets, governance, and votes are often scattered across different chains, and managing liquidity and votes poses ongoing challenges.
  • Learn about the essential role of bridges and zero-knowledge (ZK) technology in enabling near-instantaneous settlements between different chains.
  • Find out why the integration of AI in software development and DAO operations is crucial for future advancements.

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