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Diffusion 2019: overview of presentations, talks and workshops

November 20, 2019


The tone and format of the event was not about crypto theatre, ego and noise, it was strictly focused on collaboration and building.

What made the event unique was the resolute focus on growing the space together, in an open exchange of ideas between protocols and teams across the technology stack from around the globe. The technical, short talks and workshops focused on building a more equitable, secure, privacy-preserving, scalable and usable Web3.


Day 1 Agenda


Opening speech
(Jamie Burke, CEO, Aron van Ammers, CTO and Charlotte Kapoor, Marketing Manager):
You can view the slides here:

[slideshare id=187756445&doc=diffusionlaunchslides-191028134210]




Purple Zone:

  • David Minarsch, Lead Economist at Fetch.AI:
    Fetch.AI workshop: decentralised machine learning.
    Getting started with Fetch.AI: Agents ‘n’ Contracts. Synergetic contracts and Agents. View the presentation here
  • Brooklyn Zelenka, Co-founder, Fission:
    Fission workshop: apps on IPFS in seconds.
    Learn about the Fission framework and our “live from laptop” feature. Using our command-line tool and IPFS backend, we enable developers & designers bring their apps online from their laptops. View the presentation here
  • Trev Harmon, Director of Customer Success, Evernym:
    Evernym talk: self-sovereign identity.
    A talk that cover the essential basics of the Hyperledger Indy-based Sovrin Network and its use from a code perspective.
    View the presentation here


  • Holger Koether, Director of Partner Management, IOTA Foundation, Philipp-Alexander Blum – Developer Advocate, IOTA Foundation: IOTA talk: state of the DAG. How IOTA enables the Internet of Things through zero-fee transactions. View the presentation here


  • Can Kisagun, Co-Founder, Enigma: Enigma: private smart contracts on public networks.
    Hear an overview of the Enigma network and an outline of some of the major problems Enigma solves. Presentation here

  • Dean Tribble, CEO, Agoric Systems and Chris Goes, Cosmos
    Agoric & Cosmos workshop: blockchain interoperability using IBC


  • Raynaldo Rivera, Head of Engineering & Alim Khamisa, Director of Strategy & Ops, Alkemi:
    Tapping into Alkemi’s decentralized liquidity pools.
    Fundamentals of liquidity + utilizing decentralized liquidity pools for on-chain settlement. View the presentation here

  • Benjamin Kamppmann & Ricardo Rius, Parity:
    Parity workshop: build fast blockchains with Substrate
    Substrate is an open-source modular framework for building blockchains, and is the backbone of the upcoming Polkadot network. Learn to build a custom Blockchain during this live working session with Parity Technologies. Prerequisites: Please install and setup substrate as described here:
    View the presentation here

  • Outlier Ventures Base Camp teams:

Yellow zone:


  • Ryan John King, Co-Founder, FOAM:
    FOAM talk: using proof of location today
    We will discuss the central components of FOAM (Proof of Location as well as crowdsourced map), the state of the FOAM Map and past great example projects. View the presentation here
  • Marco Calicchia, Blockchain Partnerships Manager, Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs:
    Ståx – Decentralised Ecostructure for Consortia Networks.
    There are many challenges when sharing data in Consortia Networks. This talk will introduce the solution developed by T-Labs Ståx, the multi-blockchain orchestration suite. View the presentation here
  • Johann Eid, Product Manager and Developer Evangelist, Chainlink:
    Chainlink talk: smart contracts in real life situations. View the presentation here 
  • Yannik Goldgräber, CTO and Co-Founder at ditCraft:
    DAO-based Software Development–Dit is the new git! View the presentation here
  • Maria Paula Fernandez, Founder and Managing Director, ETHBerlin:
    ETH Berlin: using the Goerli testnet. View the presentation here 
  • Toby Simpson, Co-Founder and CTO Fetch.AI:
    Fetch.AI for Ethereum Developers
    This talk covers how ethereum developers can move to Fetch, transpilers, and all sorts of other stuff including the primary features welcoming you when you get there
  • Rutger van Zuidam, Founder Odysessy Hackathon:
    Odyssey talk: ecosystems for good
    Incubating ecosystems that solve complex challenges through mass collaboration: real-life examples & how to become part of it.
  • Balázs Némethi, CEO Taqanu:
    Decentralized Identity Foundation talk: decentralised identity
    A paradigm shift in identity management in the age of decentralization, and how DIDs will change the world.



Blue zone:


  • Sebastian Gerske, Ocean Protocol:
    Ocean Protocol workshop: buying and selling datasets.
    The workshop will focus on methods for searching, publishing, and consuming digital assets on the Ocean Protocol network.
    View the presentation here
  • Thomas Schulz, Director of Partnerships, SEED Token:
    SEED talk: conversational AI
    SEED is an independent, decentralized marketplace for developers and deployers of conversational AI
    View the resentation here
  • Samuli Pöyhtäri, CEO; Co-founder, Haja Networks:
    Orbit DB: a decentralised database in seconds
  • Billy Rennekamp, Co-founder, developer, artist, Cosmos/ Clovers Network and Marko Baricevic, Developer Relations at Tendermint/ Cosmos:
    Cosmos: building a blockchain app
    Learn why building a blockchain with the Cosmos-SDK is like building apps with ruby-on-rails in golang. Also, hear why you might want to build an application-specific blockchain and how to use the Cosmos-SDK
    View the presentation here 
  • Catarina Veloso, Legal Counsel & Júlio Santos, CPO, Fratcal:
    Fractals talk: regulatory compliance cheatsheet
    • Overview on the key compliance elements you need to be aware of
    • Guidance on how to satisfy these requirements
    • Proposed solutions and demo of free basic compliance product suited to Blockchain companies
    View the presentation here
  • Ben Lamothe, Co-Founder & CTO, Quorum Control:
    Quorum Control talk: Tupelo – PoS + DAG + IPFS
    Come meet Tupelo, a permissionless proof-of-stake platform with an innovative new data structure purpose-built to model individual objects.
    View the presentation here
  • Trent McConaghy, Founder, Ocean Protocol:
    Hacking Open the Open Data Economy, Ocean style
    This talk will introduce the aim of an open, permissionless data economy.
    View the presentation here
  • Tannr Allard, Nervos Network:
    Nervos talk: a blockchain that stores any crypto
    This talk will describe the problems with the economics of past blockchain networks and how Nervos has designed a smart-contract platform designed for long-term sustainability and value preservation of all crypto-assets
  • Onur Akpolat, OS Coin:
    OS Coin talk: Radicle – paying open-source devs
    View the presentation here




Day 2 Agenda



Purple zone:

  • Marko Baricevic, Developer Relations, Tendermint/ Cosmos: proof of stake at scale today


  • Marcin Rudolf, Co-founder & CTO, Neufund:
    Neufund talk: regulation-compliant security tokens.
    Security tokens are bound to “real-world” assets and as such create several side off-chain effects from the point of view of the network like Ethereum blockchain. A practical implementation of such protocol that is already in full use on the mainnet an also compliant with EU regulations.
    View the presentation here


  • Boris Mann, Co-founder, Fission:
    Fission talk: licensing open-source software
    There has been much discussion lately about the utility of different open-source licenses for software. Join a discussion group on different needs of software licensing, from their effect on adoption, commercialization, and even regulatory considerations.
    View the presentation here

  • Senior developer, Jonathan Wolff, Streamr:
    Steamr talk: pub/sub data trading



Blue zone:


  • Konstantin Richter, CEO/Founder of Blockdaemon:
    Blockdaemon talk: node monitoring
    Discuss BPM (Blockchain Manager Package) and monitoring metrics for out-of-the-box solutions and challenges of knowledge sharing across the node-runners across the validator ecosystem.
  • Maud Nalpas, Kilt: Decentralized Identifiers: a practical primer.
    Decentralised identifiers (DIDs) are a building block of decentralised identity – and they’re not just an idea. Discover how you can implement your own interoperable DID system and empower your users to control their digital data
    View the presentation here
  • Raphael Hüfner – Senior Blockchain Developer:
    Onboarding the 99%
    The Upvest solution allows developers to easily integrate blockchain technologies into their applications, and provide secure non-custodial wallets that users will love.


  • Closing ceremony
    (Jamie Burke, CEO, Aron van Ammers, CTO):

Slides can be viewed here:

If you’re interested in speaking at Diffusion or partnering with Outlier Ventures on the event please email

If you’re interested in bringing a team or just attending, lookout for information on Diffusion 2020 soon.

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