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State of Blockchains 2019: Green shoots of adoption emerge from 2018 crypto crash
Outlier Ventures’ State Of Blockchains 2019 report highlights increasing user adoption whilst data shows decline in ETH price isn’t due to ICO sellers  
15 recent trends in the blockchain and token ecosystem you might have missed
Retail investor sentiment over the month was driven by the possibility of the SEC issuing a ruling over Ethereum and Ripple being securities. The markets may have remained suppressed over a number of weeks due to concerns around the same. However, governments have been rather proactive in issuing grants, research publications, guidance and partnering with startups over the course of the month. Speaking of startups — the month saw a number of them launching early prototypes and raising funds over the month. May also witnessed an increasing number of enterprises entering the ecosystem. They are no longer claiming “interest” in the space, but launching full-fledged teams focused on blockchains.