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A Real Use Case for Blockchains: A Global Data Commons
Today, I want to talk about a use case that only blockchain technology can deliver. They are few and far between and usually revolve around applications that demand censorship-resistance. Indeed, a public data commons demands just that.  
State of Blockchains Q1 2018
The first quarter of the year has been largely symbolic of what we can expect over the next 2 years as the ecosystem matures - volatile, fast paced and unexpected. While token prices saw an incredible dip (upto 80% in some cases), both mergers and acquisitions for growth stage startups and funding in equity for market leaders have seen no dearth.
Building a New Data Infrastructure with Blockchains and the Internet of Things
The new data value ecosystem sees data captured by the Internet of Things, managed by blockchains, automated by artificial intelligence, and all incentivised using crypto-tokens. For a summary of the thesis take a look at the introductory blog, and for a deeper look into Blockchains, Community, & Crypto Governance have a read of my last post here. Today though I want to talk specifically about the convergence of blockchains and the Internet of Things.  
Disrupting Tech Monopolies & AI Tycoons — Part 1
It is almost banal to say it, but as a society we have a data problem. Most of the World’s data is held on private servers.