Incubating Data frameworks with Pool Data


An Incubation Framework for Data Unions

Pool Data provides a suite of services for data unions to utilize as they establish and grow, creating a system for these groups that was previously nonexistent. Data unions have vast technological needs, and Pool Data has sectioned their product into a messaging and payments infrastructure, a query-to-data analytics engine, a personal data vault for members, a marketplace, and a wallet for data union members. This gives unions the tools that they require, removing the need for them to spend costly resources on development, and creates an overlapping data marketplace for buyers.

As more people begin to utilize the service, the marketplace will fill out with unique data offerings, meaning that buyers can explore a multitude of data offerings from different unions in one single location. This also provides sellers with multiple monetization paths; for example, the same data they have created might have applications in two different industries, and they can monetize it to two different buyers. In this way, Pool’s incubation framework creates an overlapping community of data unions that feel the benefit of network effects.

Expanding the Possibilities of Data Sales

By making it streamlined and achievable to set up a data union, Pool Data facilitates a new layer of relationships between data sellers and buyers. This serves to expand the already-lucrative data market; a 2018 report by Crtl Shift estimated that productivity and competition benefits enabled by personal data mobility would increase GDP by £27.8bn a year in the UK alone.

Pool Data’s revenue model involves returning the majority of profits to data union members, creating a fair return for those creating the value. A percentage will go to the union operators assuring that they will be able to continue the growth of their businesses and provide value. The remaining 7% will be returned to Pool Data, with 2% of that used to burn tokens in order to provide benefits to holders. Pool Data’s percentage is written into a smart contract, meaning that even if a transaction goes through other marketplaces, they will always receive their fair share. Through creating this easy-to-use data marketplace, Pool Data is expanding the world of data sales, benefitting creators, buyers, and the company alike.

Pool Data’s Funding Round and Future

At the beginning of 2022, Pool Data raised $3.7 million in an oversubscribed funding round that Outlier participated in. Boasting an all-star team that includes CNN’s former executive creative director and former employees of Vodafone, The Guardian, GSMA and Web3 projects Golem and Streamr, they have been working hard to develop their core data union offerings, with the marketplace next on their building plans. They will release the Pool ERC-20 token in order to allow for public investment, and have created catalyst programs in which they work with specific data unions in order to tailor their offerings appropriately.

Moving forward, we believe that Pool Data’s ability to democratize data unions creates the rails for a new data economy, one that will benefit not just the company’s revenue but the way we all think about and monetize our data.

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