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As Big Tech media sites have increasingly brought our social experiences online, a wave of platforms dedicated to offline get togethers have formed in pushback. One of these platforms is Lemonade. Founded originally as an event site that allows users to create intimate gatherings locked by invite, Lemonade truly hit its stride with the consideration of, and integration into, Web3 technologies.

In its current iteration, Lemonade functions as an NFT marketplace with a focus on events, both on-and-offline. This provides builders with a seamless way to create and organize token-gated communities, bridging the gap between metaverse and IRL.

As we believe that the next wave of adoption will come from the melding of our digital and physical realities, authenticated by decentralized blockchain technology, it was a natural fit for us to invest in Lemonade and help them manifest their vision of this seamless pairing. 

What Makes Lemonade Different

While there are a number of existing NFT marketplaces, Lemonade truly differentiates itself with its focus on the social experience, a unique selling point that it gained from approaching its product on the social side before incorporating the Web3 angle. Navigating to the Lemonade site, one finds a variety of unique options: speed networking, swipe and match, and a list of events to attend.

Lemonade also places a unique focus on discovery of creators and art, with a social feed that highlights art featured on their platform. The platform is no-code, enabling organizers and creators to seamlessly host their communities, art, and events. 

Lemonade Stand

Upon setting up with Lemonade, users build their own Lemonade Stands, which enable the creation of events, shops, NFT releases, and more. Allowing for this wide variety of features and content, maintained under one umbrella, allows Lemonade to function as much more than just an NFT marketplace–while simultaneously creating a central hub that takes advantage of the innovations of Web3.

The merging of IRL and virtual is proving to be the next step for the NFT space, and with Lemonade, brands can display their real and metaverse product offerings, create token-gated events, and facilitate community networking–all in one place. 

Future and Partnerships

With their focus on in-person events stemming from the initial founding of the company, it was only natural for Lemonade to begin throwing their own events. These spaces serve as a way to promote artists on the platform, providing their work with valuable exposure. One artist featured at a Lemonade event expressed on Twitter, “I’m soo grateful for this because I never thought one day I would be able to attend such cool gigs through my art.” Lemonade creates true value exchanges with its users, planting the seeds of true collaboration over the years to come.

Additionally, Lemonade recently announced their partnership with Unique Network, a scalable blockchain built for Polkadot and Kusama that was created with NFT utility specifically in mind. With this combination of focus on social and technology, we believe that Lemonade will only continue to grow as a full-service solution for brands looking to take a hybrid IRL and metaverse approach to their Web3 strategy.

Learn More about Lemonade

The Project > https://lemonade.social/ 

The Community > https://twitter.com/_lemonadesocial 

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