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Decentralizing gaming in the Open Metaverse

Gaming is arguably one of the most important ways to onboard new entrants into the Open Metaverse. It provides the utility of immediate entertainment, and, unlike other blockchain protocols, does not require a deep understanding of tech, tokenomics, and other such barriers to entry. 

The vast majority of blockchain gaming has focused around Play-to-Earn mechanics, in which users are rewarded with the game’s token in exchange for their time spent playing it. However, this paradigm, while powerful, is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is possible in decentralized gaming. One company, Fragnova, is taking a completely unique approach to the space by using decentralized protocols to tackle the difficulties that game developers face.

A decentralized development network

As longtime gaming industry veterans and leaders, the members of Fragnova’s founding team possess an intimate understanding of the high costs of creating a successful game. Currently, an aspiring game maker must either develop everything needed for the game themselves or purchase expensive assets that others have created for use. Along with the high upfront cost, which naturally prices out smaller developers, this model provides no way for asset creators to be paid royalties for their work.

In order to solve for these pain points, Fragnova has created a decentralised network that allows developers to use assets created by others in their games for a royalty. This removes the up-front barrier to game creation while simultaneously providing asset developers with fair payment. This market is hosted on the Fragnova Network, an unique game engine that developers can use in this interoperable manner.

Benefits to players

Fragnova not only gives developers new features and layers of access, but has also created a system that benefits players as well. Up to this point, in order to sell or trade assets from different game ecosystems, players were forced to rely on message boards and Discord servers. 

Through the Fragnova Marketplace, gamers will be able to sell or trade their assets with others, allowing for a symbiotic relationship between platforms that does not exist in the current walled-garden environment. The metadata will live on-chain through perpetual smart contracts, meaning that developer updates will always transfer to these easily-exchangeable game assets. It is even possible to sell assets on chains outside of Fragnova by “freezing” them, which automatically creates an NFT of the asset in question on the desired chain that the user can then offer up for purchase. 

An everlasting gaming network

By creating this distributed, borderless, and peer-to-peer gaming network, games are not subject to deactivation of their networks, and can stay active for as long as the community is interested in playing them. With Fragnova’s seamless asset transfer, items from one game can even be brought to another to give the game new life. This is a new, decentralized take on gaming that unlocks the creativity of developers, removes barriers to entry, and allows players to seamlessly transfer value to one another. In short, it is everything that the Open Metaverse stands for and strives to create. 

Current progress and future of fragnova

Currently, Fragnova is developing two games: Ambal, based on the popular physical card game, and Rhythm Run, a side-scrolling pixelated shooter where players attack based on rhythm. They are continuing to perfect their revolutionary underlying technology and build the community in order to prepare for their full launch.

With their seasoned team that boasts decades of industry experience and revolutionary approach to decentralized gaming, we believe that Fragnova has the capability to introduce a unique and successful future for decentralized gaming to the market. In the way that they are able to make development accessible, provide creators with fair rewards, and encourage collaboration across the network, they fully embody the tenants of Outlier Ventures as we seek to help build the foundation of a decentralized world.

Learn more about Fragnova

The Project > https://fragnova.com/ 

The Community > http://discord.fragnova.com 

Twitter > https://twitter.com/fragnova 

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