Welcoming KPMG U.S. as an Enterprise Advisor and Synergis Capital as a Venture Partner to  The Store N°8 dCommerce Base Camp Program


Outlier Ventures is excited to announce that KPMG has joined the Store N°8 dCommerce Base Camp accelerator program as an Enterprise Advisor, helping bridge the gap between pioneering startups and leading corporations. Synergis Capital, a leading venture capital firm backing the next generation of early-stage startups, has also joined the program as a partner, offering valuable venture support as well as providing $200,000 to selected teams. 

With extensive experience working with global enterprise operations including Walmart, KPMG will impart vital insights to the startups in the cohort throughout the program, enabling them to navigate large-scale business implementation successfully. Their expertise will allow the founders to gain a nuanced understanding of how to engage with large-scale enterprise organisations.

Synergis supports founders seeking to unlock new enterprise solutions and build innovative consumer applications.  Their strong corporate connections and track record of fostering enterprise-grade blockchain solutions will provide valuable mentorship to the startups and bring them into a strong network in the consumer space.

Together with Store No.8 and Outlier Ventures, KPMG U.S. and Synergis will bring unique support and bespoke guidance tailored to each team’s journey. The startups will benefit from the hands-on mentorship of industry leaders and prepare for commercial success through the real-world experience of working with large companies and other startups in their network.

Applications are open for the Store N°8 dCommerce Base Camp accelerator program. The 12-week program is dedicated to helping a select cohort of startups focused on building in Web3 to deliver decentralised solutions that improve the global retail and commerce experience for consumers.  

Store N°8 is the incubation arm of Walmart and a core component of Walmart’s overall innovation strategy. Store N°8’s mission is to shape the future of commerce and help Walmart leapfrog where customers and the industry will go. 

For more information about the Store Nº8 dCommerce Base Camp accelerator program, please visit: https://outlierventures.io/base-camp/storeno8/

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