The best Web3 insights from our Q2 2023 cohorts at Elevate


This time, Elevate is all about the founders

As a founder-first organization, Outlier’s vision for the future of the Web3 space is reflected and encoded in the startups that we accelerate. For us, Elevate is an opportunity to showcase those founders, and our joint vision for the future of the space.

If you missed the show, don’t worry, we’ve teased out some highlights to get you up to speed ⬇️

🎥 Watch the recordings here!

Five must-watch trailers from our cohort Showcase

The Most insightful quotes for early builders; chosen from each panel.

  • DeFi Base Camp
    • “There are several reasons why tokens are important in DeFi. Firstly, for DeFi, liquidity is incredibly important; projects live and die by the liquidity they manage to attract. Also Tokens can be part of the mechanism design and play a big role in how it actually works. Finally, many teams fundraise with their token so it’s very important to structure it in a healthy way.” Karim Halabi, Token Designer at Outlier Ventures
  • Dream Assembly Base Camp
    • “Communities now are decentralized so it makes sense that decentralized technologies work to serve decentralized communities. If you look at what fundamentals are being pushed… it’s radical collaboration that is the core tenant. Some people call it co-creation, others call it partnerships, brand deals….but when it comes down to it, we’re bringing communities together. We’re bringing together disparate voices to tell a cohesive message.” – David Cash, Founder of Cash Labs and Mentor at Outlier Ventures and 
  • IPFS Open Metaverse Base Camp
    • “Most people continue to believe that leveraging Web3 primitives allow you to build things that were previously not possible with Web2… Some of the people who didn’t really believe in Web3 have pulled away…but there’s still a lot of capital being deployed. It just takes a bit longer.” – Brad Holden, Investments at Protocol Labs
  • Outlier Ventures Base Camp
    • “Mainstream adoption to us means companies who are going to drive adoption of the blockchain for people who aren’t otherwise using it today….we’re looking for startups that start with a problem and use a solution that’s ten times better that happens to use blockchain and decentralization to get that solution.” – Danny Pantuso, Venture Investor at Decasonic

And for founders considering our accelerator, hear from Amber Shi of our partner New Order DAO

“I’m very impressed by how much value the program can add to the startups. OV understands how a crypto startup differs from a Web2 startup. There are many things like structuring and token design that are highly important for founders to understand, but not always covered by other programs.”

But don’t take her word for it, hear it from one of our founders Niko Cunningham of Leather:

“We were thrown into the deep end and expected to absorb fast but then move even faster. I couldn’t recommend the mentors and experts within Outlier enough. If you want to build within Web3, get in here right now.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this season’s Elevate. But, of course, this is only the beginning. As the world’s no.1 Web3 investor, we’re always on the lookout for new startups shaping the future of the space.

If you’re a founder building in Web3, we’d love to get in touch to talk about how we can help. Who knows; maybe you’ll find yourself featured on next season’s Elevate

If you like our teams or want to get to know them better, we’ll be hosting a closed Demo Day next week on 11th and 12th July. To apply to join, you’ll have to fill out this form here

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