Recruitment for Base Camp cohort 8 is now open. Time to build.


Outlier Ventures was founded in 2014, which has meant that we have had the opportunity to experience several web3 cycles over the years. Naturally, market events trigger the entrance or exodus of builders in the space. Whilst market cycles are seasonal, our commitment to backing great founders and accelerating early stage startups exponentially grows.

When the bears arrive, we build bigger, better and stronger

We view the recent downturn in the web3 market as an opportunity for builders to focus their efforts on stress-testing and building resilient projects that can withstand future cycles. Innovation and progress made today can generate greater returns once the dust settles and the bulls return. We have witnessed this phenomenon with projects like Metamask and Opensea. 

We have been expanding our expertise and capacity to accelerate your project through our eighth cohort of the Base Camp program. We are confident in setting up your project for your next stage of growth backed by over 100 in-house experts augmented by our extensive network of web3 builders, mentors and investors. 

What is Base Camp

Outlier Ventures’ Base Camp is a 12-week accelerator program. Cohort participants are provided with support to refine business strategy, establish and solidify product-market fit, stimulate community growth, and define token design. Teams also gain unfettered access to Outlier Ventures’ resources to support fundraising and product development efforts:

  • Access to the global network of over 1000 leading Web3 builders, mentors, and investors across the globe
  • Opportunities to form strategic partnerships with companies in the Outlier network
  • Tailored content, advice and 1-to-1 office hours with our team of experts to support your project from the ground up
  • An additional 2 months of fundraising support, including strategy, introductions and fine tuning your story-telling

At the onset of the program, participating teams will receive an investment of USD$100k, which can then be followed with up to USD$200k of additional funding.

Base Camp 8 aims to nurture teams that are building the Open Metaverse solution stack.

In response to the bear market, we are accelerating more founders with the launch of several Base Camp cohorts in parallel. All teams building to improve the web3 space and introducing efficiencies to the Open Metaverse OS are welcome to apply.

Applications are open today and closing on 9th June 2022.

We are reviewing applications on a rolling basis and aim to reach out to shortlisted candidates within the first half of June. We will reach out to all applicants by the end of June.

Founders interested in applying to Base Camp 8 can book online office hours with the Outlier’s Investment team to learn more about the program by visiting our application page.

We want to accelerate you.


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