Scaling Web3 with our latest Polygon Base Camp cohort


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the third instalment of our Polygon Base Camp accelerator program, building on the success of the last two programs. 

We believe that Polygon is a key technology primitive for Web3 and offers a versatile tool for every possible use case, with the ability to scale quickly and efficiently. 

With this latest cohort, our focus is on supporting teams that are dedicated to driving the growth and adoption of Web 3.0. The startups in the cohort are developing cutting-edge solutions to address the three key challenges currently facing the industry: 

1. Web 2 to Web 3 onboarding

2. Scalability

3. User experience.

We believe that the startups in this cohort have the potential to bring revolutionary solutions to these challenges, making it easier for users to access and utilize Web 3.0 applications while ensuring that these applications are able to scale and meet the demands of a rapidly growing market.

Meet the cohort!

Trident3 – Trident3 is revolutionizing the way brands gain marketshare. We are enabling brands to transition seamlessly into Web3 with our leading full stack, enterprise-grade solution.

META NANOs – META NANOs is a universe of 3D NFT games where users own, boost, breed and play their NFT game avatars called “NANOs”

Payfoot – Payfoot is the metaverse environment which bring to the next level the immersive engagement experience of the entire football community, football clubs, athletes and fans

Ferris Games – Ferris Games provides an array of GameFi tools and products that revitalize crypto-based rewards in games

OpenPeer – OpenPeer is a self-custodial P2P onramp for emerging markets. Users can buy crypto directly to their wallet with zero fees, no counter-party risk and popular local bank transfer methods like UPI.

Granola Studios – Granola Studios is the end-to-end streaming platform for natural human motion captured avatar performances that are broadcasted to millions of users in any 3D simulated space in real-time.

Guzzu – Guzzu is the Web3 platform that brings Digital Merchandising to the music industry through NFTs and that works an scalable solution to sell Digital Merch at a grand scale.

Fanzone – FANZONE is an all-in-one whitelabel solution with gamification and web3 identities, empowering brands to build, launch and manage Web3 projects.

RE:DREAMER – The Gateway to Hybrid Commerce: Bridge Digital and Physical Realities with RE:DREAMER’s NFT Redemption Protocol.

Fungies – Fungies helps game developers set up in-game or external storefronts in minutes.

Playerstate – Playerstate is an all in one platform for sourcing, sharing and incentivising any type of user-generated content.

THEIA – THEIA is the all-in-one premium community platform connecting the world of web3. We instantly generate a fully-functional home for NFT holders, on a platform that combines intimacy and openness

Tunl – Tunl is a purpose-built eCommerce platform for the modern-day fashion brand

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