Outlier Ventures Announce Cohort for Second Zero Knowledge Base Camp


Together with Venture Partners ScalingX and Old Fashion Research, and Ecosystem Partner Mina Foundation Outlier Ventures are doubling down on building a more secure and scalable web through accelerating the most promising ZK startups.

Outlier Ventures’ Zero Knowledge Base Camp accelerator takes a group of five startups using Zero Knowledge proofs to drive privacy and scalability.

Chichi Hong, founder of ScalingX said:

“Zero-Knowledge proofs (ZKPs) are poised to revolutionize digital privacy, security, and trust in the digital age. ZKPs not only offer robust solutions for safeguarding sensitive data but also promise to boost the efficiency, scalability, and security of blockchain networks. At ScalingX, we are confident that ZKPs will be the cornerstone of a new era in cryptographic systems, pushing the boundaries of practical applications and decentralized solutions, and ushering in a new era of innovation. We’re here to drive the future of blockchain, powered by Zero-Knowledge scaling solutions.”

Kurt Hemecker, COO of Mina Foundation said

“Built on the solid foundation of Mina Protocol and its unique use of zk-SNARKs, we wholeheartedly encourage builders and founders to pave the way for a new era of scalable and efficient zkApps. These advancements will reshape the future of privacy and security. We’re excited to witness the transformative solutions that will emerge from the next cohort,” said Kurt Hemecker, COO of Mina Foundation.

Xin J., Partner at Old Fashion Research said

“OFR is thrilled to collaborate with OV in order to assist founders who are enthusiastic about developing Web3 applications enhanced with ZK technology. We aim to support the founders in achieving a successful product launch by leveraging OFR’s expertise in strategic planning, along with our extensive resources in the Asian market.”

Meet our teams 

  1. SurferMonkey – Plug-And-Play blockchain privacy and compliance via Zero-Knowledge Proofs
  2. ZKON – A trustless network of oracles. Access users’ accounts with trustless connectivity.
  3. zkHub – Fast & Privacy Preserving Zero Knowledge Proof Generation using Multi-Party Computation
  4. Absinthe Labs – Leveraging  zero-knowledge proofs to create Sybil-resistant smart contracts
  5. Biosnarks – A biotech protocol leveraging zkSNARKs to boost data exchange and trust without revealing processes or IP sensitive information.

Together, we are doubling down on our efforts to build a more open and scalable Web through the use of Zero Knowledge technology.

About Mina Foundation

The Mina Foundation is a public benefit corporation that supports the Mina Protocol and its community. The Mina Protocol is a zero-knowledge proof native Layer 1 blockchain. Mina uses zk-SNARKs to create a fully succinct, lightweight blockchain with a smart contract layer that allows developers to easily build zkApps using zero-knowledge.

About ScalingX

ScalingX is a global accelerator across Singapore, Hong Kong and San Francisco dedicated to the development of Web3 and blockchain technologies, with a focus on Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology. Our goal is to advance the adoption of blockchain technology around the world through investments. We support early-stage Web3 startups by helping them with talent recruitment, networking, fundraising, project incubation, PR and branding, community building, and more. We are fully committed to building a more scalable, transparent, secure, and decentralized network of tomorrow.

About Old Fashion Research

Old Fashion Research is a multi-strategy blockchain investment firm founded by executives from the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. We focus on value-added investments where we can deploy our expertise, resources and network to drive growth and success of ecosystems and their leading players. Our investments cover early-stage incubation, venture capital, M&A and other special situations

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