Outlier Ventures and Polygon launch the second iteration of Polygon Base Camp to support the next-generation Web3 applications


The strong partnership between Outlier Ventures and Polygon aims to enhance scalable blockchain solutions by leveraging Polygon’s existing network of builders, investors and developers to help launch a new breed of next-generation Web3 applications.‍

The Polygon Network is considered the primary hub for scaling blockchain applications, collecting more than $10 billion in value locked in the ecosystem through bridges from Ethereum, and hundreds of millions of dedicated venture capital is anticipated to enter the space to fund startups building on Polygon and leveraging its unique governance and interoperability functionalities.

The Polygon Base Camp will focus on startups translating Web2.0 to Web3.0 with a strong focus on end user experience, more specifically, we are looking for founders building: 

  • CROSS CHAIN dApps:
  • NFT projects with embedded utility that redefine the NFT use case
  • Interoperable gaming engines and Play-to-earn platforms
  • Next generation, multi-chain DeFi protocols and cross-chain solutions
  • MetaFi applications, applying DeFi to the Open Metaverse (NFTs, gaming, etc.)


  • Projects bridging CeFi and real-world assets with DeFi
  • Infrastructure focussed on governance, DAO tooling and DAO innovation
  • Developer tooling, smart contracts and cross-chain functionality
  • Ethereum scaling solutions (zk rollups)


  • Environmentally friendly solutions and ESG Web3 adaptations
  • Wallet functionality & onramp/offramp innovations
  • Identity management & Privacy solutions
  • Data management & Analytics overlays

If your project fits any of the categories above, this is the Base Camp for you!

Outlier Ventures’ accelerator programs help startups refine business strategies, reach product-market fit, stimulate community growth, and define token design and development. The accelerator is a 12-week program, in which teams will be building in a range of areas including DeFi, NFTs, games and infrastructure. Cohort participants will gain access to Outlier Ventures’ and Polygon’s resources to support fundraising efforts, attract liquidity, and fast track growth: 

  • Access to the global network of leading Web3 builders, mentors, and investors, with particular focus in the European and US regions,
  • Opportunities to form strategic partnerships with companies in the Outlier network,
  • Tailored content, advice and 1-to-1 office hours with technical experts to support your project from the ground up, and
  • The opportunity to speed pitch to over 30 mentors and fine-tune your pitch.

At the onset of the program, participating teams will receive an investment of USD$125k, which can then be followed with up to USD$250k of additional funding.

“Since we secured investment from Outlier Ventures and started the Polygon Base Camp Accelerator we have been traveling 1000 km/h, but in a good way. The Round transitioned from a pretty standard Web 2.0 business model to considered, achievable Web 3.0 model and roadmap during the accelerator. All the cohort companies are thrown into the deep-end but the OV team are brilliant and the amount of resources you have available to you is out-of-this-world! I couldn’t recommend the OV team enough and am excited that we will be continuing to work together as we grow The Round, and the Web 3.0 industry.”– Thomas Windsor – co-Founder & CEO of The Round 

The Outlier Ventures Base Camp program has been accelerating blockchain startups since 2019 and has notable alumni such as DIA Data, Boson Protocol, NFT42, Cryptio, Crucible, among others who have collectively raised over $250m in seed capital. 

Applications for the May cohort are now open and the selection for the first cohort closes on 19th June, 2022. Outlier Ventures’ hands-on experience and pedigree in working with early-stage startups will ensure select Polygon projects get to market faster and are supported by world-class collaborators. Founders interested in applying to the Polygon Base Camp can book online office hours with representatives from Outlier Ventures to learn more about the program or visit our application page.

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