New Horizons in Decentralizing Bitcoin Mining, with Ryan Condron of Lumerin Protocol


In this episode of the Metaverse Podcast, Ryan Condron, creator of Lumerin Protocol and CEO of Titan Industries, joins our host Jamie Burke to discuss a transformative shift in traditional Bitcoin mining.

Ryan shares Lumerin’s vision, delving into how Titan and Lumerin offer sustainable, decentralized alternatives for Bitcoin mining.

Tune in to:

  • Learn about a decentralized alternative to traditional Bitcoin mining. The focus on peer-to-peer, low-cost decentralized marketplace aims to address centralization concerns in the crypto space.
  • Gain an insider’s perspective into the current trends in the crypto industry and predictions for its future development.
  • Learn about the challenges faced by users in traditional mining pools.
  • Uncover the need for decentralized solutions to maintain censorship resistance across various applications.

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