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Outlier Ventures is proud to present the 33 teams that we are accelerating this season! The teams are split across 4 Base Camp accelerator programs in partnership with FARFETCH, The HBAR Foundation, Protocol Labs and Polkadot. We have hand selected the best start-ups from over 1000 applications, to accelerate the teams that are shaping the future of the Open Metaverse OS.
As we have previously stated, we view the recent downturn in the Web3 market as an opportunity for builders to focus their efforts on stress-testing and building resilient projects that can withstand future cycles. In response to the bear market, we continue to accelerate even more founders with the launch of several Base Camp cohorts in parallel.

Outlier Ventures’ Base Camp is a 12-week accelerator program where cohort participants are provided with tailored support to refine business strategy, establish and solidify product-market fit, stimulate community growth, define token design, amongst other areas. Each team will also gain unfettered access to Outlier Ventures’ resources and world-class mentors to support fundraising and product development efforts.

Recent market events have only highlighted the importance of decentralizing our financial system. The second iteration of our De-Fi Base Camp runs in partnership with New Order DAO and focuses on teams building the next frontier of decentralized financial products and platforms. Our base camp is focused on supporting the best teams driving this new decentralized economy.

We continue our partnership with The HBAR Foundation to launch seven more teams into the Metaverse this quarter and build in the Hedera ecosystem. We have witnessed the ecosystem gain momentum with web2 and enterprise giants, and accordingly aim to further develop the infrastructure, services and platforms available in the space.

In partnership with Protocol labs we are launching another six teams through the IPFS Open Metaverse Base Camp, with teams covering the European region and Africa. The cohort is made up of teams that follow our vision to build a more open and interoperable Metaverse, leveraging IPFS, creating the backbone of the Open Metaverse

The fourth cohort to join us this quarter is the Polkadot Base Camp, in partnership with Polkadot. We have cherry-picked four teams that will enrich the Polkadot ecosystem through building on DAO tooling, payment infrastructure, ESG betterment and decentralized health systems!

In our very first collaboration with FARFETCH, Dream Assembly Base Camp will provide a cohort of the most promising Web3 startups in the luxury fashion and lifestyle sectors with a curated program of mentorship, networking and support in order to help drive the future of Web3 luxury commerce.

Please join us in celebrating the teams that have made it to our Base Camp accelerator!

DeFi Base Camp – in partnership with New Order DAO

OxKYC – Compliant, zero-knowledge identity.
Casten – Building a decentralised structured credit protocol for emerging market FinTechs

Caviar by Danu Finance – Caviar allows you to instantly buy and sell any NFT from floors to superrares.

Starfall – Fraud Detection for NFTs and DeFi
Vyper Protocol – Build, trade, and settle on-chain custom derivatives in minutes.

Smilee – Impermanent Gain made possible!

Superhedge – DeFi Structured Products NFTs

Hedera Base Camp – in partnership with The HBAR Foundation

CodeMonkEnabling companies to accelerate digital delivery using self-organizing teams of vetted global talent – faster, better and cheaper.

Lokkaroom® – The global fan experience platform for all sports, transitioning clubs to web3.

P360 Immersive player and fan engagement platform bringing Major League Hockey to the Metaverse.

Zeru.Earth (Formerly Carbon Captors) –  The Web3 carbon removal marketplace and ecosystem making climate action as simple as a few lines of code.

SecuroThe all-in-one API that allows developers to integrate DeFi protocols into any application.

CryptumThe easiest and fastest tool available for developers to build their own web3 Apps.

Sociate AIProviding curious AIs that see & speak for the world’s most engaging, fastest learning AI stylist.

IPFS Open Metaverse Base Camp – in partnership with Protocol Labs

DARABASE – The AR outdoor media company creating value from property digital rights in the real world Metaverse.

Dappify – Instantly build web3 apps without code.

lomads – The engine room of web3 organizations.

Momint – The Stock Market for Alternative Assets, Backed by blockchain and smart contracts.

Whal3sThe developer platform for creating & delivering token utility.

krowdz – Sony Music backed, Krowdz is a fan engagement platform ultimately owned by music artists and their fan communities (fan clubs 3.0).

Polkadot Base Camp – in partnership with Polkadot

Aria Health – The platform unlocking the value of health data for all, while bringing unprecedented connectivity, transparency and fairness to the system.

CryptCard The lender empowering enterprises to launch their own crypto credit cards that are able to transact with ZERO gas fees.

DREx – The platform helping new generations and ESG funds invest in renewable energy and conservation projects in LATAM.

Societal – DAO tooling to empower web3 communities to organize, collaborate, and build the future of society.

Dream Assembly Base Camp – in partnership with FARFETCH

altr – The digital fashion platform dedicated to unlocking the value of cultural heritage and archival fashion.

Curie – The platform to build 3D affordably and at scale to fuel the Metaverse.

iiNDYVERSE The virtual commerce and engagement platform for the web3 era.

METAV.RS – The all-in-one Metaverse management platform for brands and agencies, providing white-label solutions for NFT commerce and cross-Metaverse experiences. 

MintougeThe eCommerce plug-in enabling luxury brands to on-ramp their product catalogs to Web3. 

Reblium –  Digital humans for web3. A premium avatar experience that enables you to express your unique digital identity in Web3.

SKNUPS – The platform bringing luxury fashion and streetwear brands into games and the Metaverse.

WEAR – The luxury Web3 Platform, bridging the gap between physical luxury goods and digital collectibles.

Please follow our cohorts on social media and keep in mind that if you are thinking of building in Web 3, you might be interested in joining our next cohort. Applications are opening soon for our accelerators running in January 2023. Find out more here and speak to our Investment team.

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