Jamie Burke interviews OpenAI


In today’s episode of The Metaverse Podcast, we have a fascinating conversation with “OpenAI.” It sounds like Sam Altman, it looks like Sam Altman, but is it really the co-founder of OpenAI joining us on the Metaverse Podcast?

Our host and CEO, Jamie Burke, poses intriguing questions to “OpenAI,” the ones we’ve all been eager to hear answers to. Here’s the innovative tech stack Outlier Ventures employed, which we like to call “composable creativity”:

  • Answers generated by ChatGPT (fed with Sam Altman’s speeches and prompted to mimic his tone of voice)
  • Audio voice cloning executed using play.ht Studio Video crafted by the team at FakeTime.ai (watch the video on YouTube)

Experience the remarkable possibilities of AI tools firsthand by diving into today’s episode – and brace yourself, because we’re only scratching the surface of what’s to come!

*Disclaimer: This episode is an experiment designed to explore the capabilities of artificial intelligence tools, even in their nascent stages. The interview was generated by AI, and neither OpenAI nor Sam Altman were involved in the creation of this episode.

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