Meet our latest Filecoin Cohort


Following the success of the past two Filecoin accelerator programs, we are excited to announce our third Filecoin Base Camp cohort. We have been especially interested in applications which present FVM use cases, developers tooling, decentralized hosting and infrastructure for the open data economy.

We strongly believe that the Filecoin ecosystem can offer a strong data foundation thanks to its capability to enable the development of applications and store their information, representing a big storage foundation layer for the future of the new Web. The introduction of Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) is also decisive to the ecosystem since builders can interact more effectively with this core layer of Filecoin. 

The participating projects are from all over the world and cover themes across gaming infrastructure, digital identity control, DAO governance & management, decentralized content delivery, dynamic NFTs, live streaming and developer tools for dApps. 

If you want to know more about these projects, feel free to have a look at the below description of each team and follow us to stay up to date on the progress of each exciting project.

Meet the cohort:

Talent Layer 

TalentLayer enables work platforms to solve the chicken-and-egg problem by providing an API for crowd-sourced workers and job posts.

Insert Stonks

Insert Stonks provides advanced infrastructure and platform for gamification. The platform enables creation and management of multilayered monetisation models for video game developers and content creators, to drive community engagement and growth.


Sonr is a blockchain ecosystem where users have full control over their digital identity, and devs are empowered to build peer-to-peer apps.


Supercluster is a decentralized file sharing platform, designed specifically for DAOs, enabling them to seamlessly store, manage and share their files.


BlokHost simplifies decentralised content delivery, website & file hosting through its web2 user-friendly interface, offering fast, affordable and secure options.

Lineage protocol

Lineage Protocol is a middleware that focuses on decentralized interoperable Dynamic NFTs. Using Lineage, NFTs can now evolve, projects can integrate NFTs across different platforms and metadata changes can be tracked on the Lineage Explorer.


StationX is a protocol that enables anyone to create, govern & engage DAOs for any use-case in under 60 seconds

The Eden

The Eden is a decentralized live streaming platform empowering web 3 projects with privacy-focused features, token incentives, and community ownership.

Sumer Labs

Sumer offers a cost effective tool-kit for developers to improve the growth of d

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