Announcing Diffusion Digital: The ultimate Open Metaverse conference on July 28th & 29th


We are now witnessing the emergence of the Open Metaverse, a common open economic layer built from shared open-source protocols, open infrastructure, and a single unifying yet open financial system. New business models, principles, and technologies are emerging through DeFi, NFTs, Decentralized Governance & Storage, Self-Sovereign Identity, and more.

At Outlier Ventures, we were early investors in Web 3; a Web centered on user centricity and the enablement of sovereign identity, data and wealth.  While our investment thesis has shifted slightly over the years, we have always remained united in the move away from the capture, control, and increased centralization of wealth and power of Web 2.

Just as we predicted the convergence of blockchain tech with IoT, AI, VR & AR bringing the web cycle forward, we are seeing the convergence of Web 3 technologies becoming the building blocks of the Open Metaverse – composed of peer-to-peer network structures, distributed ledger technology, programmability, core innovations, and self-custody of assets and wealth. The evolving technologies in these building blocks will serve to fill in the gaps of existing Web 3 tech – user experience, performance, and cost and enable the true actualization of the Open Metaverse.

Since 2019, we’ve been running Base Camp, our early-stage Web 3 accelerator and Ascent, our token launch program to support our mission and provide early stage startups with expertise in new business models, product-market-fit, capitalization and network scaling. We’re on target to work with over 100 projects this year!

We’re hosting Diffusion Digital on July 28th & 29th to showcase how we’re building the Open Metaverse. Our two-day virtual demo day and conference is made up of pitches, talks, panels, and live Q&As from our Base Camp and Ascent teams and expert industry leaders! Already confirmed speakers include Sallyann Houghton (Epic Games), Robby Yung (Animoca Brands), Jeff Zerlin (Axie Infinity), Cathy Hackl (Avatar Dimension) and many, many more brilliant minds in the space….

Join us to explore some of the world’s most exciting elements of the Web 3 ecosystem – DeFi, NFTs, Virtual Worlds, Gaming, Digital Fashion, DAOs and more. Whether you’re a founder, investor, developer or just have an interest in the space, we invite you to hear from the people supporting the growth of the Open Metaverse.

Find out more at & sign up directly at

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