Launching Diffusion Digital: virtual event and new Web 3 Founders podcast announced


Outlier Ventures, Europe’s award winning blockchain accelerator, have long advocated Web 3 is more than just Bitcoin and crypto-currencies. It is instead about the convergence of blockchain technologies with Big Data and AI and the collaboration of tens if not hundreds of foundational protocols and open source initiatives. Their passionate belief being only together they form a new technology stack, that enables more truly peer-to-peer systems and a new digital economy to burst free from data monopolies and their silos. 

The successful diffusion of these innovations and their mainstream adoption have never been more important as we enter the strange and uncharted waters of the Covid pandemic, deepening debates around the role of Big Tech in society, their solutions and the interplay with regulators and governments with false trade-offs between privacy vs utility?

To meet this challenge Outlier with their community of technologists, founders, venture capitalists and policy makers have been building a platform of events and content called Diffusion to onboard new developers and entrepreneurs into the space and address pressing problems around usability and interoperability. 

Diffusion 2020 Digital – May 28th 

Building on the success of their 2019 Diffusion Conference which hosted 600 attendees in Berlin, and reached over 3 million people online, Outlier Ventures will run a virtual free one day event on May 28th on the Crowdcast Platform

The focus of the event is to explore a pragmatic pathway from Web 2 to Web 3, bringing together different communities in the ecosystem to participate in talks and panel discussions over the course of the day featuring industry leaders from: 

Parity, Agoric, Tendermint, Fenbushi, QTUM, Evernym / Sovrin, Chainlink, Hyperledger,, Cosmos and Ocean Protocol to name a few. 

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Founders of Web 3 Podcast Series – May 12th, 2020

In parallel, this week Outlier launches a weekly podcast series on itunes called ‘Founders of Web 3’ hosted by Founder & CEO Jamie Burke who provides insightful interviews with the founders and entrepreneurs, their investors and the policymakers from across their network that are shaping Web 3. 

With already over 25 shows recorded, the series will launch with an initial 8 episodes including:

CZ of Binance, Muneeb Ali of Blockstack, Brock Pierce of Block One, David Rutter of R3, Rene Reinsberg of Celo, Can Kisagun of Enigma, Illia Polosukhin of NEAR, Eyal Hertzog of Bancor.

The show will uniquely focus on their intimate journey as founders exploring the nuances and challenges of being an innovator and entrepreneur in Web 3 and inspiring insights into their motivations and purpose.   

  1. Blitzscaling In Web 3, CZ of Binance
  2. Building a Web 3 Stack From Scratch, Muneeb Ali of Blockstack
  3. Timing Innovation in Web 3, Brock Pierce of Block One
  4. Scaling a Web 2.5 Unicorn For Enterprise, David Rutter of R3
  5. Finding Purpose in Web 3, Rene Reinsberg of Celo
  6. Privacy & Collaborative Learning in Web 3, Can Kisagun of Enigma
  7. Onboarding The 99% of Developers Into Web 3, Illia Polosukhin of NEAR
  8. Long-Tail Economics & Mainstreaming Web 3, Eyal Hertzog of Bancor

After the first 8 days of launch a new episode will released near daily for the rest of the year including the likes of Brendan Eichman, Founder of Brave; Peteris Zilgalvis, Head of Digital Single Market & Blockchain European Commission; and others such as Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital; and Jake Brukhman of Coinfund. 

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