Societal SCTL is an innovative company dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for supply chain logistics  Polkadot Base Camp Description: SCTL revolutionizes supply chain logistics with advanced technologies like blockchain, AI, and IoT. Their services optimize flow of goods, improve visibility, and reduce inefficiencies. From freight management to demand forecasting, SCTL tailors solutions for cost savings, […]


RE:DREAMER Redeem your NFT and revolutionise e-commerce 📍Hong Kong  Polygon Base Camp Description: RE:DREAMER Lab centers its efforts on the development of the Redeem Protocol alongside a complementary Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution. Their primary goal is to establish a seamless and secure bridge between mainstream systems and blockchains, facilitating the exchange of physical goods within the […] Generative AI Art Marketing SaaS for E-Commerce 📍Hong Kong  Outlier Ventures Base Camp Description: is a generative AI art marketing SaaS for e-commerce. The SaaS product empowers e-commerce merchants to create engaging digital art, product images, short videos and social media captions in seconds to enhance marketing KPIs. The team with years of […]


Oddin Oddin is a Web3 user acquisition platform based on wallet behaviour and IP data 📍Israel  Outlier Ventures Base Camp Find this project at: Founder information: Founder CONNECT NOW Fuel the future of your startup with Outlier Ventures Apply now for one of our accelerator programs > GET STARTED

Me Protocol

Me Protocol The Me Protocol creates an instant, frictionless and decentralised cross-brand loyalty ecosystem 📍USA  FARFETCH Dream Assembly Base Camp Description: Challenge Existing exchanges lack the necessary considerations for the intricate nature of reward assets and fail to prioritize the interests of all parties involved in blockchain-based rewards. Proposed Solution Introducing the Me Protocol, an […]


iiNDYVERSE iiNDYVERSE combines game design psychology with virtual experiences to level up customer spend & engagement 📍United Kingdom  FARFETCH Dream Assembly Base Camp Description: iiNDYVERSE makes it easy to extend your marketing stack with gamified interactions and marketing automations using web3 and augmented reality. We make augmenting traditional customer engagement campaigns with personalised digital collectibles […]