VersifyLabs Utilize the Power of AI and Blockchain to Craft Personalized and Engaging Rewards Experiences for Your Valued Customers 📍USA  Polygon Base Camp Description: With the integration of AI technology, our platform utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze customer data, preferences, and behaviors. This empowers you to tailor rewards specifically to each individual, ensuring a personalized […]


TUNL Purpose built eCommerce tools for the modern day fashion brand 📍USA  Polygon Base Camp Description: Tunl, under the banner of Meta Commerce, is revolutionizing online shopping. Going beyond a mere transactional experience, it offers an immersive journey that blends fashion, technology, and creativity. Its platform transforms how people shop, allowing users to explore fashion […]


Truffles Web3 infrastructure for the future of enterprise 📍Singapore  Zero Knowledge Base Camp Description: Truffles is an international payments platform that helps businesses of all sizes connect and transact globally. Hassle-free accounting and compliance integrations make it easier to scale your business. Find this project at: Twitter Linkedin Founder information: Evan Winter Founder CONNECT […]


Sparkwave is an innovative company dedicated to revolutionizing the world of data analytics and business intelligence 📍Italy  Outlier Ventures Base Camp Description: empowers organizations to harness the power of data for informed decisions. Their comprehensive suite of analytics tools transforms raw data into actionable insights. With a focus on AI and ML, […]


Solaire 📍USA  FARFETCH Dream Assembly Base Camp Find this project at: Twitter Linkedin Founder information: Vivien Zhang Founder CONNECT NOW Twitter Linkedin Fuel the future of your startup with Outlier Ventures Apply now for one of our accelerator programs > GET STARTED