VersifyLabs Utilize the Power of AI and Blockchain to Craft Personalized and Engaging Rewards Experiences for Your Valued Customers 📍USA  Polygon Base Camp Description: With the integration of AI technology, our platform utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze customer data, preferences, and behaviors. This empowers you to tailor rewards specifically to each individual, ensuring a personalized […]


TUNL Purpose built eCommerce tools for the modern day fashion brand 📍USA  Polygon Base Camp Description: Tunl, under the banner of Meta Commerce, is revolutionizing online shopping. Going beyond a mere transactional experience, it offers an immersive journey that blends fashion, technology, and creativity. Its platform transforms how people shop, allowing users to explore fashion […]


Truffles Web3 infrastructure for the future of enterprise 📍Singapore  Zero Knowledge Base Camp Description: Truffles is an international payments platform that helps businesses of all sizes connect and transact globally. Hassle-free accounting and compliance integrations make it easier to scale your business. Find this project at: Twitter Linkedin Founder information: Evan Winter Founder CONNECT […]


Sparkwave is an innovative company dedicated to revolutionizing the world of data analytics and business intelligence 📍Italy  Outlier Ventures Base Camp Description: empowers organizations to harness the power of data for informed decisions. Their comprehensive suite of analytics tools transforms raw data into actionable insights. With a focus on AI and ML, […]


Solaire 📍USA  FARFETCH Dream Assembly Base Camp Find this project at: Twitter Linkedin Founder information: Vivien Zhang Founder CONNECT NOW Twitter Linkedin Fuel the future of your startup with Outlier Ventures Apply now for one of our accelerator programs > GET STARTED


Societal SCTL is an innovative company dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for supply chain logistics  Polkadot Base Camp Description: SCTL revolutionizes supply chain logistics with advanced technologies like blockchain, AI, and IoT. Their services optimize flow of goods, improve visibility, and reduce inefficiencies. From freight management to demand forecasting, SCTL tailors solutions for cost savings, […]