Me Protocol

The Me Protocol creates an instant, frictionless and decentralised cross-brand loyalty ecosystem



Existing exchanges lack the necessary considerations for the intricate nature of reward assets and fail to prioritize the interests of all parties involved in blockchain-based rewards.

Proposed Solution

Introducing the Me Protocol, an innovative exchange infrastructure specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements of blockchain-based rewards. This protocol serves as the foundation for establishing a seamless, boundless, and decentralized rewards ecosystem that welcomes participation from companies of all sizes.

Key Benefits

By liberating rewards from their isolated brand-specific environments and enabling their exchangeability, the Me Protocol unlocks substantial value and significantly enhances the return on investment for both consumers and the issuing companies. This transformative approach nurtures a win-win scenario, where rewards gain amplified worth and offer greater benefits to users while simultaneously driving increased success for the organizations deploying them.

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