Base Camp Application Guide

Outlier Ventures opens applications for the Base Camp accelerator programs twice a year per city in various locations. After the success in London, we are expanding to Berlin!

Decentralized Data Exchanges Give Value To Data In Smart Cities

These marketplaces are made possible because of the technologies lower in stack from hardware, distribution, routing, verification, and interfacing. To learn more about the Convergence Stack, a valuable framework for understanding and building the next phase of digital infrastructure in cities, download the paper here. Decentralised Data Marketplaces Without a free flow of data, there […]

3 Year Partnership with Imperial College’s Blockchain Lab

The Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research & Engineering (IC3RE) at Imperial College London has joined forces with blockchain investment group to undertake a 3-year R&D program focused on the convergence of industrial blockchain with other ‘deep tech’ technologies like IoT, machine learning and autonomous robotics.