Providing a cybersecurity layer to protect global migrant health data


Verifi3r: Safeguarding Migrant Health Data Integrity for a Changing World The future presents significant challenges, as projections indicate that a staggering 1.2 billion people will become climate migrants by 2050. Meanwhile, the rise of ransomware attacks and credential harvesting has surged by 41.6% since 2020, resulting in substantial financial losses, with an average cost of $10.1 million.

These threats pose a multi-billion dollar burden on central healthcare systems worldwide. In response to these pressing issues, Verifi3r emerges as a groundbreaking cybersecurity solution designed to protect the integrity of global migrant health data for the 1.2 billion individuals facing migration. Verifi3r offers a zero-knowledge layer that precisely caters to the stringent requirements of inter-governmental organizations (IGOs) and healthcare providers.

These entities urgently need to share and access sensitive healthcare data from patients, including highly confidential individual medical records, or protected health information (PHI), in the most secure manner possible. The Verifi3r team boasts over 30 years of collective expertise in healthcare systems, healthtech integrations, cryptography, and cybersecurity, gained at the IGO/NGO level.

Their extensive experience is complemented by deep knowledge in central government procurement, impact funding, and financing strategies. Collaboration is at the core of Verifi3r’s approach, as they work closely with four esteemed distribution partners: UNHCR, Global Fund, Red Cross, and Médecins Sans Frontières, all based in Geneva, Switzerland. To ensure ethical and regulatory compliance, Verifi3r has partnered with the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

This collaboration guarantees adherence to the highest standards of data privacy and protection. Verifi3r has already initiated pilots in Nigeria, Zambia, and Eswatini, aiming to demonstrate the effectiveness of their solution in real-world scenarios. Building on their successful completion of the Outlier Ventures Basecamp accelerator program, Verifi3r is now poised to join the Trust Village cyber security and digital trust innovation incubator. Located at SICPA’s unlimitrust campus in Geneva, Switzerland, this prestigious program will provide Verifi3r with the ideal environment to further develop their cutting-edge technology and shape the future of secure healthcare data management.

Verifi3r is committed to safeguarding the integrity of migrant health data in an ever-changing world. By leveraging advanced cybersecurity measures, they empower IGOs, healthcare providers, and migrants alike to navigate the complex landscape of global healthcare data with confidence and security.

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