My journey from running a mesh WiFi grid to pioneering in the Web3 space has been transformative, especially with the insights and support gained from Outlier Ventures' Base Camp program.

Al Morris

Founder, Koii Network

Koii Network

Take back control of your online life. Koii is web3, for everyone


Attention is a precious and highly valuable asset in today’s fast-paced world. Recognizing this, Koii has emerged as a platform that aims to establish a web of public knowledge. With a mission to democratize the internet, Koii invites individuals to contribute to its knowledge archive by recording their attention on various content. The concept behind Koii is to create an inclusive and collaborative environment where the collective attention of individuals is harnessed to shape a comprehensive and diverse knowledge base. By recording attention on specific content, users actively contribute to the creation of a shared history that reflects what truly matters to them. One of the distinguishing features of Koii is its commitment to openness, transparency, and public accessibility. Attention records are openly available to the public, ensuring that the history of attention remains transparent and accountable. This approach not only fosters trust within the community but also encourages active participation from individuals who wish to contribute their insights and perspectives.

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