Polkadot, Filecoin, Ocean Protocol, Polygon join Diffusion Digital to talk Web3 and NFTs with 30+ crypto projects and artists including BLOND:ISH and Deadmau5

We’ve gone from the initial experiments in Virtual Reality (VR) to a new conception of an economy linked to digital currencies and goods (NFTs), perfectly functioning with FIAT systems and physical assets.

This new reality, bolstered by behavioral and economic shifts during the Covid-19 pandemic, will shape the next phase of decentralized technologies. However, the construction of new open systems increases the challenges for the broader ecosystem.


Jamie Burke, CEO and Founder of Outlier Ventures commented:

”As we spend more time and money in gaming and virtual worlds (accelerated by COVID) making sure we fix the web has never been more critical. The convergence of ideas and expertise in different fields is essential to reaching a common goal of more freedom, progress, and prosperity for individuals and organizations.”


Building on the success of last year’s virtual Diffusion (with around 3000 attendees and total reach of over 3 million during the event) Outlier Ventures is bringing together experts, from regulators, technologists and artists, to discuss these thought-provoking ideas

The focus of the event is to explore the transition from Web 3 to the Open Metaverse (through DeFi, Protocols and NFTs), bringing together different communities to participate in talks and panel discussions over the course of two days featuring leaders from both traditional industry and blockchain space.


Diffusion Digital 2021 – April 7th & 8th

More information available at https://diffusion.events/ 

Register for free here

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