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Base Camp helps Web3 Founders Get Focused, Fast-Tracked and Funded in 12 Weeks

We provide access to a proven network of leaders, builders and 200+ Web 3 mentors that founders need to accelerate their growth and fundraising!

In Q4 BaseCamp will run the following five programs: FARTECH Dream Assembly, Defi, Polkadot, Hedera and Filecoin Base Camps. If you are unsure which base camp is best, just send a general admission application below.

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*Applications will be evaluated, and acceptance decisions made, on a rolling basis. So please submit your application as soon as you’re ready

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We keep it really simple, we give you access to our in-house specialist and mentor / partner network and a $150k cash stipend to cover your costs during the program, in exchange for 7.5%.

*Funding terms may slightly differ in certain accelerator programs. Check with program manager for details.

We offer

  • 3 month award winning accelerator program (fully remote), including access to in-house operational, legal, commercial, marketing, and token model support
  • $150,000 in funding, and an optional $30,000 interest-free repayable loan to help with initial legal costs
  • Leading mentor and investor network featuring some 200+ of the biggest names in DeFi, Web3, and the Open Metaverse

In return for

  • 7.5% equity and 7.5% future token supply
  • Option to invest at a discount during the next funding round
  • Repayment of loans once the fundraising round is closed and paid out of fundraising proceeds
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