Web 3 funding: August 2020 in numbers

August keeps on setting records with 24 deals and $278 million raised. This is more than what we did for the entire Q2 2020. Source: Crunchbase and The Block The median raise this month was $2.9 million across 5 different verticals. The massive difference this month again comes from token sales. For the first time […]

Web 3 funding: July 2020 in numbers

It’s August and everyone in Europe seems to be on holiday. The summer tends to be a dead season, but this year’s July fundraising numbers proved us wrong. Founders and investors were  busier than ever in the UK, Europe and the US. Continuing the tradition I am looking into the fundraising data for the second quarter of the year to get a comprehensive view of the state of web3. I am doing this every month to see how the true effect of COVID-19 unravels in the Web 3 world in near real time across 5 charts. See Q2 2020 numbers here.