TokenFabrik Tokenfabrik enables digital investments by connecting investors and asset originators 📍Germany  Ascent Advisory Description: Tokenfabrik develops and operates digital solutions for industrial equipment financing, thereby connecting asset originators and investors, and linking physical assets such as vehicles, machines, and infrastructure with investment platforms in the regulated financial market and in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) […]


TalentLayer TalentLayer is an open protocol and developer toolkit for building better hiring platforms 📍Portugal  Filecoin Base Camp Description: TalentLayer is a cutting-edge company revolutionizing open service markets through its backend tooling designed for building interoperable marketplaces. It offers a unique blend of blockchain-powered liquidity pool for users and services. Key offerings include on-chain jobs […]


Swipelux Swipelux is a platform that enables customers to pay directly with their bank cards for their web3 projects​1 📍Estonia  DeFi Base Camp Description: Swipelux is a comprehensive platform designed to support web3 projects. It offers services for dApps, crypto gaming, DeFi, wallets, NFTs, exchanges, and metaverses. Swipelux allows users to buy crypto via card […]

Sumer Labs

Sumer Labs Sumer is a company that leverages technology to transform the way businesses and teams collaborate and communicate 📍Spain  Filecoin Base Camp Description: Sumer provides leading collaborative solutions, streamlining communication and maximizing productivity with their all-in-one platform. With an emphasis on efficiency, simplicity, and security, Sumer offers user-friendly interfaces and robust encryption protocols. Teams […]


SPIN Spin Fashion is a pioneering company revolutionizing the fashion industry through digital innovation 📍France  FARFETCH Dream Assembly Base Camp Description: Spin Fashion leverages cutting-edge technology to transform fashion experiences. They specialize in virtual garments and immersive digital fashion solutions. With a focus on AR and VR, users can try on virtual garments and personalize […]


Reblium Reblium helps creators make their alter ego to share content on social media 📍The Netherlands  FARFETCH Dream Assembly Base Camp Description: Reblium brings forth a world of endless possibilities, all centered around your avatar. Seamlessly blend gender, ethnicity, age, and fantasy to curate a truly unique persona. Dive into a vast library of default […]