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DIA: From stealth to a $15m raise in 7 months

September 16, 2020


DIA joined our Base Camp accelerator program (open now) in September 2019. By the end of the program in December he had already secured a solid SaaS revenue stream pipeline, multiple advisors, public funding and already started thinking about taking the product to the next level in the way we see it today 9 months later. How did he achieve it? Hear from himself below about the challenges and how Base Camp helped:



When we first met DIA, they were already an amazing team of 3 co-founders. They had their technical concepts nailed down and the product was well under way although they were in stealth mode. What they struggled with was the scope of the product, go to market approach in the middle of the 2019 bear market and the best way to design and launch the network token. And this is where we jumped in with our Base Camp investment during the peak of the bear market.

Token Strategy

For their token strategy they needed a trusted partner with deep experience in crypto and DLT. Our token economics team applied years of research into the methodology of the 3D’s of Token Design by Outlier Ventures. Later our marketing function helped DIA’s team devise a strategy around the community. DIA of course executed flawlessly. And our Head of Legal and Managing Partners made sure everything was done properly. Nailing down regulations during a raise is important as the SEC is now continuously cracking down on some of the biggest sales of 2017.

Go-to Market and Product

For product launch and market approach, we sat Michael down with mentors, experts in financial technology, our partners and in-house research to establish the best way to launch at first. This allowed him to build a solid SaaS revenue stream from traditional financial institutions using the data offering. This commercial traction allowed them to unlock investors and later community support for their token distribution. We pledged to help founders deliver tech and products that make sense in Web 3 and we’re glad DIA was on the same page as us.


Want to be like Michael? 

Well, we don’t guarantee you becoming Michael. Instead we can help you deliver on your product, strategy and business goals. The applications for Base Camp’s fourth cohort are already open! Join us in January for 3 months of intense strategising, building and delivering a strong product with a solid pipeline and community! You will also get access to a vast network of industry experts, partners and investors. We deliver results for ambitious entrepreneurs!

In 12 months we have done:

21 all star teams accelerated
£18.5m+ investments committed within 12 months of completing the program (cohort 1)
£1m+ in unlocked revenues within 12 months of completing the program (cohort 1)

What to expect from the program:
200+ mentor pitches in 15 days
175+ introductions to network within 12 weeks m
100+ customer meetings
78 workshop sessions
1 amazing virtual conference at the end of the program


Apply here!

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